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Reviews Chest Rigs for Sale

Modular Chest Rig

Modular Chest Rig is one of the more favorable chest rigs on the market for service people. Its simple design allows the wear to quickly dress or undress from the rig, with almost no effort. This combined with the high tech breathable material creates a highly comfortable chest rig, that fits almost all size.

The simple ability to add and adopt storage also creates a comfortable and simple chest rig to fit almost any need. As it can be expanded it can also be stripped for a light waiting walking chest rig, where light weight is essential.
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BLACKHAWK! Commando Chest Harness
BLACKHAWK! Commando Chest Harness is a excellent chest rig for those who like to carry a heavy pack high on their torso for easy access. Fully loaded the rig can easily carry 25-30 lb without creating discomfort for the wearer.

With the addition of the BLACKHAWK belt you will be able to carry a full kit prepared for anything. Although the full kit with the belt will create some small difficulties in removing the chest rig. The Blackhawk is one of the more expensive kits but it certainly one of the highest quality chest rigs on the market.

Galati Gear Deluxe Tactical Vest

Galati Gear Deluxe Tactical Vest is one of the few chest rigs on the market that allow enough adjustment for large people. Making it the best selection for people with a large build. 

The chest rig also has a large number of pouches, some fixed and some movable in a mixture of sizes, this enables everyone to pack their weapon and gear in the best locations for access and weight distributions.

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Voodoo Tactical 20-8400 MOLLE Chest Rig
The Voodoo Tactical chest rig is a high quality chest rig with excellent construction. Designed and built for people of a smaller build this tactical chest rig wont suite all users. But its focus towards smaller people makes this an idea chest rig for females and people small builds.

VISM by NcStar AK Chest Rig

This AK chest rig is well made on a budget thought simple and smart design. For example opposed to double stitching it is made with, a single high quality stitch, which is more than capable of holding the rig fully loaded, and in action. The chest righ is also kept simple without unrequited padding, but instead using fabric and the shape to hold equipment where you need it to stay. 

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Coyote Brown Operators Tactical Chest Rig Review

Selecting your chest rig can be a challenging task, the Coyote Brown Operators Tactical Chest Rig offers  a solution to so may of those chest rig problems. The locations of pouches creates a comfortable weight Distribution by spreading more of the mag weight away from the from and towards the sides and back.

The adjustable and padded shoulder straps allow for this chest rig to be set to the most comfortable location on your body for your chest and quick access.

3-Double Open Top Rifle Mag Pouches W/Drain Holes, 
3-Double Mag Pistol Pouches W/Hook & Loop Flap Closures, 
Adjustable Mesh Padded Cross-Back Shoulder Straps W/2-D-Rings, 
2-Swivel Push-Button Release Buckles & 2-Side Release Buckles, 
Quick Release Waist Cinch Strap, 
Interior Document Pocket W/Hook & Loop Closure, 
9" X 6" Padded Mesh Pocket W/Hook & Loop Closure, 
M.O.L.L.E. Compatible.

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Condor Recon Chest Rig

As we know every chest rig is different the Condor Recon Chest Rig is an excellent chest rig for someone looking to carry a considerable amount of mags without feeling like your carrying a pack.

Features of this chest rig include:- Swivel Lockster, Swivel Push-Button release buckle, Padded cross-back shoulder strap with webbing and D-ring, Additional mesh pocket on the back, Two open-top mag pouch. (one on each side) After storage testing we are comfortable to recommend the storage capabilities f the vest as:-

Rifle mag pouches: 
will hold 6 AR mags, double stacked pouches and up to, Pistol mag pouches: will hold 6 pistol mags on the front of those. 

AK mags: will hold 6 mags, but won't allow for quickly access due to tight fit

This rig comes with a large range of adjustment allowing for comfortable wearing by people of different heights and builds, and for simple adjustment depending on the cloths you are wearing with your rig.

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