Friday, January 1, 2016

What is a Chest Rig?

Being fully equipped and prepared for anything is the greatest feeling of control and freedom. But it can also be one of the most uncomfortable if you have the wrong chest rig. Selection the best chest rig for your gear and use is critical and will make the time you use far more enjoyable and comfortable.

With all the options out there we've put together this guide to held you find the Best Chest Rig for you and your gear.

What is a Chest Rig?

The chest rig evolved from the military's personal load carrying equipment in the 1980's, with the need to hold everything a soldier requires to operate for 48 to 72 hours. This includes ammunition, weapons, tools, food, protection and waterproof clothing as an example.

During the last 30 years military and private companies have worked to develop a variety of chest rigs that meet the needs of any person to operate for that essential 48 to 72 hours in what ever environment, whilst not compromising the person abilities.

This variety of chest rigs can be identified into the three types:-
Assault Rig
Designed for short duration's with detachable side pouches and reduced storage for essentials: ammunition, water, and protection.

Combat Rig
Designed for medium term duration the combat rig is an expansion of the assault rig, with storage for food to enable survival operations for 24 hours, in addition to the assault rigs ammunition, water and protection.
Marching / Moving Rig
The moving rig includes all elements of the assault and combat rig and additional equipment carrying ability including D-links and more pouches. A complete moving rig also includes a rucksack and enables independence for 72 hours, and up to an extended period of 2 weeks, with minimum resupply or self supply.


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