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Best Tactical Pen Guide including Vktech Tactical Pen Review - See the full range and features

Danger has a way of presenting itself when you least expect it, that’s why you need to be thinking about how you can protect those important to you and yourself in everyday life. So to be prepared for this you have found yourself looking for a tactical pen that is the best tactical pen for you. If you think that a pen can’t deliver what you need in a time of need you need to see our recommended range of tactical pens and our buyers guide.

Sure any tactical pen and it will do what you need every day, write but it will do a lot more. All suitable tactical pens are made from machined steel with more features within the simple device than you see with your first and second look.

When reviewing all Vktech tactical pen range that we have reviewed be sure to remember that above all else the pen must fit into your daily routine. You need to feel comfortable with this pen and because the it becomes something that you always carry with you.

As with all tactical gear, there are some people that will see the need and how this will fit into their life immediately and there are others that won’t initially see why they should have this in their pocket. But in time I know that you will see why and you will ask yourself, why you didn't get it earlier.

Tactical pen buyers guide
Quality of tactical pen
When looking for the best tactical pen a good place to start is to choose one that writes well, after all this is what we all use pens for and you need to be comfortable with how it writes so you will always want to leave the house with it. After all this is the basic function of a tactical pen.  The best tactical pens out there accept ink refills from quality producers like Parker and Hauser, Fischer Space Pen, and Rite in the Rain. It is important to remember with pens that take refills that you can buy refills that suite your hand writing and your personal likes whether it be color, ball point size or anything else.

Grip and comfort of tactical pen
We all expect that any pen that we regularly use is comfortable in the hand for writing and as the tactical pens on the market have been designed with the function of writing in mind first they all feel excellent in your hand for long periods of time.

But in addition to the writing grip all these tactical pens have a secondary grip, and is what I like to call the action grip which is key to using the pen as a defensive tool.  If you are swinging it with any velocity you will want to make sure the tactical pen stays put in your hand upon impact. So when selecting your tactical pen consider the grooves and diamond point tips, as you need to be comfortable that the size of your hand will suit the tactical pen and fit into the groove design to reduce the result of slippage.

Self Defense Options
So once you have a good writing tool that is comfortable in your hand with the pen ink that suits your writing sytle it is time to look at the defensive features to find the best tactical pen for your personal protection.

To select your tactical pen you need to consider how you would want to use your tactical pen for self-defence and or emergency situations. Some things to consider when reviewing the features are that a smaller person will struggle to create the impact force to create damage with a blunt ended tactical pen.

Tactical Pen Features
With a variety of tactical pens on the market there is a mixture of features that needs to considered and priorities, when finding your best tactical pen for your smallest tactical kit. While the majority of tactical pens have features you would expect and see instantly there are some more unexpected and highly concealed features such as, DNA catching scoops (giving you that chance to identify your attacker after the fact), hidden handcuff key, fire starters, and the expected glass breaker and self-defence puncture tool

Some of these features will mean nothing to you and will never be useful but others will be invaluable so consider the emergency situation that your tactical pen will be used in, and remember that your perfect tactical pen, might be several tactical pens depending on where you are or where you are going.

Discreetness of tactical pen
When selecting your tactical you should consider if your tactical pen looks like depending on your everyday environment different tactical pens will be acceptable, but in some corporate environments a tactical pen with a business appearance is recommended. After all you don’t want to be considered as someone looking for trouble.

Pocket clip reliability in a tactical pen
When you are in a rough situation, you want your pen to be there, not lost because it fell out of your pocket. This means that you should look for a tactical pen that has a well-built pocket clip to properly secure your pen wherever you will keep it.

Aircraft aluminum Vktech tactical pen aviation aluminum anti-skid (black) is a normal pen with standard Parker and Fisher space pen refill compatibility. However, the tip of the pen has a carbide tip glass breaker and also has a cuff key inbuilt at the bottom making it a mini tactical weapon. This cuff key is compatible with most of the common handcuffs. 

It is made of very light aluminum that is used in aircrafts and also gun metal making it very durable.  It just weighs 1.6 pounds and can withstand a lot of harsh attacks. It is stylish, useful and also is an innovative product designed for people with adventurous jobs and hobbies. 

This product uses advanced technical concepts which are trusted and used by the army.  

The VKtech tactical pen review for the LAIX B8

This VKtach tactical pen weights a total of 45 grams with a total length of 15.5cm and a diameter of 1.3cm, putting this in the sweet spot between big enough to defend yourself and small enough to carry every day and use as your pen.

Just by looking at it you can see how functional this vktech tactical pen is and knowing that is made from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminium alloy should give you confidence, and the removable lid with o-ring seal create a very professional look when in – writing mode.
VktechPortable Tactical Stainless Steel Pen for Business
The vktech portable stainless steen tactical pen, is an easy pen to review, with beautiful design that stands out from the crowd as a tactical pen and business professional pen. Made from aircraft stainless steel and a clean simple sign and feature ribbed top the tactical pen simple looks the part at any board room.

While it hold a very powerful secret, the simple straight design leave no weak join when being used with force and the ribbed top and clip creates a handle where high forces can be expelled. If you are looking for a tactical pen that can form part of your everyday corporate life and be there for you when trouble confronts you, this is our recommended tactical pen as it fits into everyday life and accommodates most refills.

How to use a Tactical Pen?
The important thing to remember is that a tactical pen is a tool to enhance your abilities, so to tell you how to use your tactical pen would be useless. But what I will tell you that learning a way to use your tactical pen that matches your environment, risk and physical abilities, is critical and as with all learning you will only become comfortable is to practice, practice and practice your skills.

If you already have hand to hand tactical training you will be aware of this guide for targets on the body:

Pressure Points: Armpit, Neck, Inner arm, Inner thigh
Sensitive Areas: Throat, Eyes, Ears, Groin, Ribs, Solar Plexus, Nose

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