Sunday, December 27, 2015

Condor Tactical Belt Review

The Condor Tactical Belt is one of the most adaptable and functional pieces of tactical equipment you my every cross paths with. While it is simple and small, those 2 features make it right for so many situations when a full chest rig is to much.

The tactical belt comes with:-
- 2 magazine pouches
- 2" wide belt
- quick release belt buckle
- adjustable waist up to 44"
- strong nylon material 

Features to note: -
- As with all good tactical gear it is adjustable to fit the needs of the user in your situation, the condor tactical belt allows for a mixture of adjustments and expansions including additional magazines and pistol holder.
- Nylon material and activity strong stitching makes this belt a long term purchase for your kit, as you expect with condor tactical equipment.
- The simple design comes with a level of rigidity, whilst this might seem uncomfortable when empty it creates a belt able to carry equipment over four pounds. 

Be aware:-
- With adjustments for people upto 44" waist, it can create excess strap around your body, if you are a smaller person.
- Mag pouches are compact to fit the belt, therefore don't expect large mags to fit, you will need to continue with your best chest rig for some mags.
- Due to the width of the belt this wont fit through most pairs of pants, and you may need to consider wearing this as an over belt.

Due to sturdy construction and adjustments this tactical belt rig gives the user the right amount of support while also being very comfortable for long periods of time.

We do recommend this as tactical belt especially since you can always get it under $15 from someone. If nothing more this belt needs to be tried as the freedom it creates is excellent, and no longer do you need to take your chest rig everywhere.

The condor tactical belt is one of the best and first pieces of gear we can recommend to anyone.

It is simple, basic and strong and has been recommended by the best chest rig team for over two years and is still one of our leading recommendation.

With strong buyer reviews, and reliable brand name we know you won't be disappointed and neither will your friends and family who you share this with.


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