Friday, January 15, 2016

Raptors RTV Tactical Helmet Review

We all understand the importance of protective equipment and a tactical helmet is one of those piece of equipment that cant be overlooked.

The Raptors RTV Tactical Helmet comes with the features we all now expect from a tactical helmet:-
- light weight helmet
- adjustable padding for comfortable fit
- tactical quick use rails and front mount point
- central left and right velco patches

Features to note: -
- the tactical helmets straps are long enough to comfortably fit most heads and due to the design and angels of the y-strap allows for good clearance and comfort around your ears and communication equipment, if being used.
- the tactical rails, mounts and velco give the right balance of equipment on hand without overloading and compromising your head and neck movement. Perfect for your Go-Pro.

Be aware:-
- the tactical helmet has limited air ventilation so the wear time and weather condition need to be considered when. 
- painting ball helmet - if your using this helmet for paint ball we recommend that you use with a set of goggle with ear protection.

Due to the right implementation of its feature the tactical helmet is an excellent buy for under $50. We do recommend this as an entry level helmet, while you workout exactly what you need and want in a helmet, perfect for paintball and similar sports.


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