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AK Chest Rigs and AK Gear Reviews

The AK is by far one of the most popular weapons of choice with gun owners and is widely know as an excellent weapon by non gun owners, and 70 years after its first design and production the demand for the AK equipment, such as AK Chest Rig, has never been stronger. 

As a result of this there are a variety of AK chest rigs and other complimentary ak gear on the market. To help you find the right piece of AK tactical gear we have developed the following guide of recommended equipment for the avid and new AK users.

Top 5 - AK Chest Rigs

VISM by NcStar AK Chest Rig

This AK chest rig is well made on a budget thought simple and smart design. For example opposed to double stitching it is made with, a single high quality stitch, which is more than capable of holding the rig fully loaded, and in action. The chest rig is also kept simple without unrequired padding, but instead using fabric and the shape to hold equipment where you need it to stay

This rig holds 6 full AK magazine and your additional basic gear with ease, and best of all the smart design distributed the weight so that you don't feel front heaven and enables you to move freely. And comfortable while carrying a large amount of heaven equipment.

Includes Three Double AK Magazine pouches with Bungee Retention straps to Carry up to Six Magazines.
Two Gear Pouches on the Outside For Any Additional Gear You may need.
One Belly Pouch for Addition Equipment or Gear.
Fully Adjustable Fit

While this is a well built rig, heavy and dirty users can expect to life this rig between 4-6 years. Although light users can expect this to last for life.

See full features and reviews here

Surplus China 81 Ak Chest Rig Rifle Chest Ammo Pouch Bandoleer for Cartridge Ammo Green

These are genuine chinese military surplus complete with military storage smell, designed and built for servicing the AK this chest rig is built to last and meet your AK chest rig needs just right.

These Surplus Chinese Type 81 AK Chest Rig Ammo Pouch, Issued In 1990', Can Be Also Used For Some Russian Guns. 

Net Weight :0.465 Kg 
Since It Is Old, The Color Is Slightly Different for Each one. 
This is the best low budget chest rig for a bug out using an AK47. Holds 4-30 round mags, a stripper clip loader and 6-10 round loaded stripper clips. 

In summary it is a very good quality construction with good material and overall great quality for a great price.

Read user reviews and order online

AMA Urban Assault 6-Pocket Chest Rig for AK-Style Magazines - OD

This light weight AMA Airsoft AK-Style Magazine 6-Pocket Chest Rig really stands out of the crowd. It only weights 2 pounds and it can be adjusted to all sizes and its padded shoulder straps, make it comfortable for people of all sizes despite being fully loaded.

Moreover with its QD buckels that are found on each shoulder strap, you can  quickly ditch the entire chest rig at a moment’s notice, when you need to move quick or just strip your gear.

Not only it is easy and nice to wear but also it holds mags tightly and its pockets have plenty of room for even 2 mags in each, with Velcro straps to keep even a single AK mag secured. If you are looking for a chest rig for going  shooting with your AK this one is even more than you are looking for.

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Ultimate Arms Gear Chinese Military Genuine Surplus AK47 Chest Rig
AK-47 Rifle Vintage Green Seven 7-Pocket Chest

This vintage chest ring is not only well designed but also light weighs.
Its shoulders straps are adjustable and it fits to any size even really big people, and as we have come to expect from an AK chest rig each mag pouch can hold 2 mags.

If you are looking for a way to carry a good number of mags with your ak this is a well design and well built chest rig  perfect for you.

See user reviews and sale items on amazon

Specter Gear AK-47 Chest Rig Rapid Reload Carrier

This Rapid Reload Chest Rig Carrier really stands out of the crowd.it comes out of the box with Modular webbing on the front of the pouches that allow layered pouch attachment and also with 3 channel modular webbing on each side of the magazine pouches.
It is adjustable to suit most size by the 2  unpadded shoulder straps. 

If you are looking for an AK chest rig to wear regularly or just occasional use this is a great option and a high quality item, with flexibility to move and store a mixture of items in rapid but secure access pouches.

See full details and color options

Recommend AK Gear for your tactical gear kit

Cold Steel Black AK-47 Handle with Black Blade  

This light weight compact knife packs a real punch. It only weights 2.4 pounds and it comes with an extremely sharp blade

The design of the handle is very comfortable, and it's almost impossible to lost the grip. Even though the blade is 3.5", the reach is around 4.85" because of the handle design

If you are looking for a knife to take hiking or use from day to day occasional use in everyday life this is a great option for you.

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Szco Supplies AK47 Bayonet Knife 

This AK47 Bayonet is 12" in overall length and it only weights 1.1 pounds
It comes with a desirable wooden handle and solid steel blade. Not only does the knife look great the design of the blade to handle is excellent with a good weight balance between the blade and the grip preventing cramps after long periods of use
Its length and weight makes it ideal for carrying it around all day long without a problem or getting in the way. The AK bayonet is not only iconic but also an excellent piece of gear to have in your tactical kit and when your out with your AK.

See more users reviews on Amazon

NcStar AK/SKS Front Sight Ajustment Tool (TAK) 

So often the importance of your tools is forgotten. The NcStar front sight tool for AK is a high quality tool that must be in your tactical kit. NcStar is known for there quality, this coupled with the easy function makes it just what you need to keep your rifle perfect and always ready. With the easy to use function it means you can always easily adjust your sight on your AK, all in all it is a highly recommended tool.

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Recommendation for AK Book 
If you are interested in learning more than the basics about your AK rifle and the gear to go with it, you need to find yourself an authority on the specific topic, therefore we recommend you to this ultimate ak book. 

The AK-47 and AK74 Kalashnikov Rifles and Their Variations

This is an excellent book for anyone interested or in love with the AK. Every AK/AKM-type rifle manufactured is included in the book including those from the Warsaw Pact countries, China, Finland, Iraq, North Korea and Yugoslavia. These rifles are described in detail with tutorials and illustration on how to disassemble, reassessment and clean, with a short history on the each including their development and use.

The book also includes detailed chapters on the accessories issued to each soldier, a list of the range of Kalashnikov bayonets, telescopic sights (both military and commercial), the sniper rifle variants and their telescopic sights produced by the old Soviet Union as well as other nations. 

The book concludes with a detailed exploded view, list of serial numbers and markings so you can identify any rifle, and good guide to shooting the Kalashnikov rifles.

We believe this is one of the best AK books on the market and a book that all rifle enthusiasts would enjoy within their collection. If not a great user manual for AK owners.

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