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Best Tactical Clothes Guide

It doesn't matter if you live in a hiking, camping or hunting tactical environment or occationally spend time there we all have our best tactical clothes.

It doesn't matter how much time you spend in your tactical clothes or what you do in them having the best tactical clothes will make the job or experience that much better.

To help you through this decision we have up together some reviews of the best tactical clothes on the market that can be easily accessed at acceptable prices.

YAN-JUN Men's Classic Cargo Tactical Pants

These pants are made from 100 % cotton fabric that simple improves the air flow and comfort for the wearer as all natural fabrics do.
The pockets are large enough to carry many things, without being bulky and it is so well designed that you can wear them everyday, making it perfect for your urban tactical clothes, or outdoor clothes.

Not only are they comfortable they are also light weight and a great part of your kit as they give you more than just one environment they can be worn.
All in all, It is a high quality pair of pants, designed well with good quality material and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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Rapid Assault Shirt

This assault shirt comes made from a high quality cotton/poly and spandex fabric, this combination of fabrics and side mesh panels allows for air flow to keeping you cool even when you are exercising or hiking but also provides warmth when resting, or hunting.

The design hugs your body for a great fit and a high level of mobility in all directions, which we all know is so important. This coupled with easy access shoulder pockets make this long sleeve shirt a very good addition to your tactical clothes wardrobe.

It is ideal to wear under your body armor but its design allows you to wear it like a casual shirt every day.
It is perfect for outdoor activities, training and I highly recommend it to anybody that wants a shirt that is designed for the end user and is a hard wearing shirt designed to be taken outside in rough environments and get dirty.

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Vvip 07-288 Mens New Waterproof Breathable Softshell Jacket
This jacket comes out of the box perfect for outdoor activities as it has a  Water-resistant membrane while allowing air flow into and around the person inside the jacket.

Not only it is really light despite all pockets and waterproof material it is comfortable and can easily be part of your urban tactical clothes or your outdoor tactical clothes.

All in all it is really perfect jacket for its price, and the type of jacket that can be easily packed up and stored in your car backpack or anywhere, out of the way, for when that weather changes.

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Condor Men's Tactical Fleece Jacket
This Condor Men's Alpha Tactical Fleece Jacket  is very warm and comfortable, which are the critical things to look for in any fleece jacket. It really stands out of the crowd for its design and perfect quality, which are both excellent with 100% Polyester and smart design and construction with nylon covering the parts of the jacket that get the most wear, the collar, shoulders and forearm.

Again on the design It has plenty of pockets, but could use a pen holder somewhere though, the sizing is great with the right proportion between length and diameter.

All in all it is perfect for its money and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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Blackhawk Men's Light Weight Tactical Short
These short comes out of the box with a perfect quality fabric of poly and cotton.
It has a stretch waist and belt straps for that perfect comfortable waist  fit. Not only do they have the expected cargo shorts pockets they also have those extra little pocket idea for those small item you want to keep separate and close.

If you need a stylish pair of shorts for hiking, hunting or camping or even for everyday activities this is a cheap and both a stylish choice, that will last.

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5.11 Tactical Holster V-Neck Shirt

V-Neck Holster Shirt stows and conceals a compact handgun and accessories comfortably and securely without chaffing or sagging. The t-shirt features an opaque outer mesh layer which obscures the profile of handgun, and assists with the consealment. Due to the flack – lock seams you feel almost no friction which prevent chafing, when regularly used.

Not only is your weapon conseal the Velcro strips on the pocket gives you the safety to not only to carry out but also to keep your weapon safely inplace to prevent it from moving when you are keeping it concealed. 
If your wondering what guns can be well concealed within this t-shirt we recommend guns like the the Beretta Nano 9mm and SW Bodyguard .380. 

Not only is this t-shirt a critical part to your urban tactical clothes it is also a very comfortable shirt as it has excellent high quality fabrication, and fits perfectly 
so it can be worn with just a t-shirt over this v-neck and your gun is completely concealed. It is important to understand that this is not a quick draw holster, it is designed to keep your weapon highly concealed until you find yourself in those seige like moments that we hope to never be in, but always plan for. 



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