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Best urban tactical gear review

Gone are the days of only needing your tactical gear for when you go hunting or camping, now you also need to prepare your kit with the best urban tactical gear. To help you get your urban tactical gear kit ready, we have grouped our recommendations and guide for the key items that you need to consider in your urban gear.

We have selected these items because almost all of them can form part of your everyday life, as equipment that you use every day and then transfer it into tactical gear mode.

Smith & Wesson Men's SWW-11B GLOW Lawman Black Nylon Strap Watch

As with all outdoor have a reliable and robust watch can be the difference between beng home safe and finding yourself in a difficult situation. This timepiece is water resistant up to 30-meters (90-feet) and ideal for anyone looking for adventure, sport or any daily rugged outdoor activity.

Equal parts sturdy and stylish, it's all the watch you want, with the attention to detail and performance that you've come to expect from Smith & Wesson, for a price you'll love! This watch features precision quartz Japanese movement and includes 3 hands to show the hours, minutes and seconds, date display, and a scratch resistant hardened mineral glass crystal that protects the dial. The electronic back-glow makes for easy reading at night. 

Tactical Flashlight with Adjustable Focus

Lightweight and compact, the Mini Cree Flashlight fits perfectly in any purse, glove compartment or bag. Despite its small size, this excellent flashlight is powerful, it has a maximum output of 300 lumens. 

It also features an adjustable focus, simply pull out the head of the flashlight to focus the beam as needed. It is made of sturdy aluminum, and is completely water proof and skid proof, making it fantastic for camping and other outdoor activities.
The Mini Cree Led Flashlight is one of the least expensive, but powerful, mini flashlights on the market today.

Vktech Tactical Pen

Aircraft aluminum Vktech tactical pen is a normal pen with standard Parker and Fisher space pen refill compatibility. However, the tip of the pen has a carbide tip glass breaker and also has a cuff key inbuilt at the bottom making it a mini tactical weapon. This cuff key is compatible with most of the common handcuffs. 

It is made of very light aluminum that is used in aircrafts and also gun metal making it very durable.  It just weighs 1.6 pounds and can withstand a lot of harsh attacks. It is stylish, useful and also is an innovative product designed for people with adventurous jobs and hobbies. 

This product uses advanced technical concepts which are trusted and used by the army.  

Mechanix Wear M - Pact Gloves

The mechanix wear M pact gloves are a great addition to your tactical gear kit, unofficially a glove of choice by american service men due to the strength and life of the gloves.

The back of hand ribbing gives support, protection and additional strength to reduce cramping. Easily washable they enable the control required to conduct fine finger movements whilst protecting against knocks and hits

Condor Tactical Vertical VT Holster

This is one of the best holsters I have gotten my hands on for a very long time. I like the way the fastening is fully adjustable, which makes it easier to use very conveniently.

What I really loved about it also, was the unique design – the wrap-around is incredible for those times when you are using laser pistols or for mounting the flashlight if you are going to have to use the pistol in a place without proper lighting, or basically in the evening.

I did not believe it yet, but the one size fits most design is also amazing, though I haven’t really got a lot more pieces than I should.

Raptors RTV Tactical Helmet Review

We all understand the importance of protective equipment and a tactical helmet is one of those piece of equipment that cant be overlooked.

The Raptors RTV Tactical Helmet comes with the features we all now expect from a tactical helmet:-- light weight helmet- adjustable padding for comfortable fit- tactical quick use rails and front mount point- central left and right velco patches

Features to note: -- the tactical helmets straps are long enough to comfortably fit most heads and due to the design and angels of the y-strap allows for good clearance and comfort around your ears and communication equipment, if being used.- the tactical rails, mounts and velco give the right balance of equipment on hand without overloading and compromising your head and neck movement. Perfect for your Go-Pro.

Be aware:-- the tactical helmet has limited air ventilation so the wear time and weather condition need to be considered when. - painting ball helmet - if your using this helmet for paint ball we recommend that you use with a set of goggle with ear protection.

Due to the right implementation of its feature the tactical helmet is an excellent buy for under $50. We do recommend this as an entry level helmet, while you workout exactly what you need and want in a helmet, perfect for paintball and similar sports.

Condor Tactical Belt Review

The Condor Tactical Belt is one of the most adaptable and functional pieces of tactical equipment you my every cross paths with. While it is simple and small, those 2 features make it right for so many situations when a full chest rig is to much.

The tactical belt comes with:-- 2 magazine pouches- 2" wide belt- quick release belt buckle- adjustable waist up to 44"- strong nylon material 

Features to note: -- As with all good tactical gear it is adjustable to fit the needs of the user in your situation, the condor tactical belt allows for a mixture of adjustments and expansions including additional magazines and pistol holder.

- Nylon material and activity strong stitching makes this belt a long term purchase for your kit, as you expect with condor tactical equipment.- The simple design comes with a level of rigidity, whilst this might seem uncomfortable when empty it creates a belt able to carry equipment over four pounds. 

Be aware:-- With adjustments for people upto 44" waist, it can create excess strap around your body, if you are a smaller person.- Mag pouches are compact to fit the belt, therefore don't expect large mags to fit, you will need to continue with your best chest rig for some mags.- Due to the width of the belt this wont fit through most pairs of pants, and you may need to consider wearing this as an over belt.

Due to sturdy construction and adjustments this tactical belt rig gives the user the right amount of support while also being very comfotable for long periods of time.
We do recommend this as tactical belt especially since you can always get it under $15 from someone. If nothing more this belt needs to be tried as the freedom it creates is excellent, and no longer do you need to take your chest rig everywhere.

See what's on Amazon and other user reviews

Review Neewer 3P Waterproof Tactical Backpack

The right tactical backpack is as important as the right chest rig. The Neewer 20L 3P Waterproof Molle Bag is by far the best pack on the market when evaluating cost, quality, and design.

The tactical backpack is made of high density Nylon material and Molle webbing throughout the backpack with double sticking which makes this extremely durable and capable of carrying extremely large amounts of weight, without failure of the fabrics or stitching. Whilst Weighing a total of 33.5oz.

In addition to the low cost and high quality the tactical backpack's design includes adjustable shoulder straps and 4 zipper compartments for your major pack organisation and lots of inside pouches for storing and sorting within your backpack. And in addition to the 4 organised pouches the backpack is surrounded by strap and D rings to add-on pouches and accessories to meet all your backpack needs.

Tactical Gear Review for First-Time Buyers

At times, it is really hard to know what gear to buy and what not to. One does not know what to consider in order to purchase that backpack, belt, or tactical vest. Do you just look at the price and see if it meets your expectations and assumes that the higher the price the more the features? What if these features never meet your expectations, or they are a little too much?

The following is a review on some tactical gear, focused on the features mostly looked at when deciding on whether to purchase it or not.

1. Tactix backpack
After hitting the stores at the end of last year, this backpack did not only earn itself the title First Tactical's best seller, it was also the highest rated tactical backpack in the market at the time.

First Tactical’s revolutionary Tactix One Day, Plus Backpack greatly increases its organization options and space through itsLynx Laser Cut Platform, which is compatible with Hook and Hang through compartment (allows specific items to slide through and hang securely in place without the need to utilize the other pockets of the backpack) for oversized or specialized gear, and MOLLE/PALS.

In addition to the Lynx Laser Cut Platform providing twice the mounting options in the backpack, it tests 20% stronger that all the other competitors. The backpack also comes with customizable straps that can be removed.

Finally, the Tactix Backpack has a posture conforming backboard that can be used as shovel, paddle or splint in emergency situations.

2. Tactix Pants
Gone are the days where women had to look for a smaller version of men's tactical pants. First Tactical released Tactix pants, which not only park a number of features for themselves, they are comfortable and professional looking. 
Men's Tactix series tactical pants are fitted with tough nylon lining that is meant to protect the utilitarian pockets from wear and tear. They also have their fabrics coated with Teflon® to keep away dirt, moisture, and stains.
For women, their Tactix Series are the first of First Tactical. They are the perfect combination of fit and function as they are contoured to fit a woman's body by addressing all the specific needs.
The features of the pants are;
• Rivet reinforced belt loops
• External kneepad
• Running gusset for free movement
• Hidden Flex Action waistband
• Streamlined side cargo pockets
• Laminated pocket flaps
• Lanyard web loops
• Hidden hemline buttonholes
For only $64.99, you can get your pants either in black, khaki, or midnight navy.

3. Tactix Penlights
Finding your way in the dark is what it has always been about, but that was until the come up of the First Tactic's Tactix Penlights.

The Tactix penlight has a simple build that allows easy clipping and unclipping in a pocket. For the ultimate versatility, the Tactix penlight's clips allow forward and backward mounting options.

They have two types of Tactix Penlights; the small, and the medium. The small has a 2.5 hour run time and is 3.9 inches long. It is sold at $17.99. The medium has a 3.25 hour run time and is 5.3 inches long. It is sold at $24.99.

Both run on one AAA battery and feature a 130m high beam, a 31m low beam, a 70 inch flood area, and a 14 inch hotspot.

4. Recoil Range Bag
Its cool name is not the only thing that is cool about this bag.
Presenting itself at just 4.5 lbs, this First Tactical's Recoil Range Bag is the way to go if you want to carry your pistols and ammunition safely. Tough 600D polyester was used in its design, together with closed foam padding to keep it organized. For all your needs, 6 external pockets and 13 internal pockets are enough.

Padded dividers are also there to help with organization. This recoil bag also has pocket designed for storage of all cleaning tools, which has an oil resistant lining to keep your firearms clean. For department stickers, the Range Bag has hook and loop areas.
For just $89.99, you can get your black or coyote Recoil Range Bag.

5. Crosshatch Sling Pack
The right pack is very important. Quality, functionality, and reasonable price are all very essential in choosing the right sling pack for your adventure. That is exactly what First Tactical had in mind when they created the Crosshatch Sling Pack.

Fashioned with 1000D nylon, customizable compression straps, and hook and loop organization, this sling pack was designed to be extremely comfortable for both right and left cross-body carrying while giving the user enough space for his or her items. The repositionable straps allow the pack to be fully customizable to every person's needs.
Available in OD Green, Black, and Coyote, this bag retails for $89.99.

6. Range and BDU belts 
The flexibility and correct thickness of a belt are what to consider while purchasing a belt. A belt that is comfortable around your waist and can hold a holster in place without sagging is what to look for in a belt.

First Tactical's Range and BDU belts are usually curved for a comfortable fit and have two layers of reinforced nylon to ensure durability. Every belt has a metal-free double buckle designed to have the least bulkiness in the history of tactical belts.

It features an additional small inner pocket, ideal for a key, money or any other compact item. It also has a twill weave edge, which enables a smooth feeding through the belt loops and five rows of stitching, which makes it as strong as can be.

The Range belts are sold for $19.99 and the BDU belts sell for $14.99. They come in Black, Coyotes and OD Green, with a width of 1.5" or 1.75", both ranging from small to 4XL.



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