Friday, January 15, 2016

First Aid Trauma Pack

If you think your kit of tactical gear is complete without a first aid trauma kit, your wrong. Being able to preserve the life of your team is the most important thing, and this is no different in a tactical environment.

This is a full-size medical pack that offers a high amount of  storage and most importantly instant accessibility. The unit measuers 5.5"(L) x 8"(H) x 3"(W). Its increased capacity, compared to most trauma packs lifts the size restrictions. The main compartment (centre roll-out and side flaps) take advantage of cord storage which puts all equipment in a place that can be easily accessed and easily seen.

To open the complete first paid pack is done in 1 second with just one intuitive downward pull, which instanly unzips the side zips. You might be thinking that the size of the first aid pack is much larger than all your equipment and why would you want more equipment? Remember it wont always be you using the kit, it might be a friend or stranger who has more training but is less prepared than you.



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