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Guide to the Ultimate Survival Knife

Being prepared for a situation doesn't evolve around a single piece of equipment it's about having the right set of gear for your environment. Your ultimate survival knife is a fundamental part to anyone's opps gear kit.

An ultimate survival knife is typically the first piece of kit that most people buy, often without considering the environment and demand they will be placing on the knife. We have worked to provide a guide to the group of the ultimate survival knifes on the market. 

When reviewing our list try to think about the situations you have been in where you have needed your knife, or next time your out, think what would I do if all I had was my survival knife.

Tac Force TF-705 Series - Folding Knife
People say it a lot, but this is a lot more knife than what you pay for. Before you even use this knife you can see it has been designed for the end user with multiple built in tools.

Along with the high level of functionality the construction is excellent with a ribbed design it creates a strong handle on the knife but keeps the weight down by removing non-required material.

Users of this knife regularly compliment the light weight design, easy access, comfortable grip and most importantly the ready to use sharp blade out of the box. You might think this is a small knife but any knife users will quickly remind you size is not everything when it comes to a knife.

Cold Steel Black AK-47 Handle with Black Blade Review
This light weight compact knife packs a real punch. It only weights 2.4 pounds and it comes with an extremely sharp blade. The design of the handle is very comfortable, and it's almost impossible to lost the grip. Even though the blade is 3.5", the reach is around 4.85" because of the handle design.

If you are looking for a knife to take hiking or use from day to day occasional use in everyday life this is a great option for you.

Maxam Survival Knife
While all these knives are survival knives this may appear to be the most complete ultimate survival knife kit. The Maxam 12pc Survival Knife Set features 3/16" thick blade; storage compartment in zinc alloy handle that holds bandage, tweezers, safety pin, razor blade, fishing line, pencil, thread, needle, and compass; 7" skeletal frame knife with 2-5/8" blade fits in molded sheath. The large knife measures 14-1/8" overall, with 7-3/4" blade. 

With a total weight of 2 pounds this kit can go anywhere and do so much you want it to and somethings you didn't know you needed it to do.

The mini knife is my favorite part of it all, I can't really tell you why but it just feels great in your hand and when I'm using it. The two knives are both so useful and holds an excellent sharp edge well. 

Overall It has some good qualities such as the saw blade of the knife will last for a long time and take a lot of abuse, I consider it a good purchase.

What you might not be aware of is the sling shot with this kit, while it is great we recommend you upgrade to better tube, and start practice how to fire a sling shot before you really need it in action. 
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Mini Hunting 1045 Surgical Steel Sawback Survival Knife
This  survival knife is made high quality Surgical Steel and the Knife is ready for some outdoor action, regardless the environment and requirements. It features an overall length of 9 inch with a 5 inch razor sharp blade, offering a traditional Bowie style with a real serrated spine. 

The blade offers a black finish with survival knife imprint on one side and the handle is a solid aluminum with black finish with grip ensuring a solid grip when cutting or thrusting this high quality knife. And as we are coming to expect with a knife is a little surprise like being able to unscrew the pommel to reveal a mini compass display. The pommel also features a water tight O-ring. 

In addition to the compass the secure compartment keeps your survival gears inside the handle which includes 3 matches, a Striker, Fish Hook, Fish Line, Needle and Thread. 

And the entire ultimate survival kit comes with a durable black nylon sheath with belt loop so you can carry this emergency survival kit, easily and conceal.

Overall Length: 9 inch, Blade Length: 5 inch, Handle Length: 4 inch
Blade Material: 1045 Surgical Steel, Anodize Finish, Serrated Spine
Handle Material: Aluminum with Black Finish
Pommel Includes: Water Tight O-Ring and Compass
Includes: 3 matches, a Striker, Fish Hook, Fish Line, Needle and Thread, Durable Nylon Sheath with Belt loop.

Survivor HK-106280 Outdoor Fixed Blade Knife 11-Inch Overall

This simple full tang 11 inch survival knife, might not have the wow features of the survival knife kits, but it makes up for it with solid simple design and construction. With a solid single piece wrapped in parra cord this knifes simplicity is it's strength.

Made from stainless steel with multiuse parra cord handle and nylon sheath this knife is one ultra simple knife that you can expect to deliver and respond just how you need it to.

The knife feels great in your hand, holds an excellent edge and the teeth on the spine are sharp and reliable, to help you survive when your doing it with the basics. The fire start is an additional benefit and it highly reliable, but with any piece of survival equipment you need to make sure your comfortable with it. So like everything, practice and use it before your survival is relying on it, with this knife be comfortable with the fire starter, get into some hard work with the knife and use the parra cord for something different, and make sure it's right for you.

Overall this is an excellent knife kit, super simple but super reliable as a result. 

11-Inch overall
Stainless steel blade, reverse serration
Thick army green cord wrap handle
Nylon sheath
Magnesium alloy fire starter
11.2 ounces

Survivor Special Ops Military Bayonet Survival Knife Black
The Survivor series Military Bayonet is a cool knife featuring a 440 stainless steel Black Oxide finish, the blade on this massive Bayonet knife sports a special cutout to fit to the wire cutter apparatus on the sheath. 

The drop point knife blade also has a saw-back with an extremely durable and sharp edge. The composite handle features a well-built construction which locks into a standard bayonet set of lugs where the guard slides over your barrel and It also has clearance for common size flash suppressors. 

This knife is an excellent buy and If the bayonet isn't enough it includes a heavy duty sheath with nylon pouch for a shot gun magazine, built-in sharpening stone, wire cutter and an adjustable quick release military holster. 

Overall Length: 12 3/4 inch, 
Blade Length: 7 3/4 inch
Blade Material: Black Oxide Finish, 440 Stainless Steel, 5.86 mm Thickness
Blade Features: Wire Cutter Hole, Saw-Back Spine, Extremely Sharpened Blade
1.9 pounds

Elite Forces Survival Bowie Knife

This is a great knife for the money, with a total length of 12" and a blade length of 7.5" the elite forces Bowie it doesn't have a huge list of features but what it's got is high quality and exactly what you need.

If your idea of a good holiday is going camping and into the wild environment and living off the land. This is the knife you need to consider, easily strapped to your leg or hip and you'll be nothing but grateful you have it on you. You might be sceptical of the knife by the look but I can tell you it will deliver the performance you need, and most importantly when you need it.

Blade length: 7", 
Overall length: 12"
Textured handle for comfortable, strong grip
1.1 pounds

Jungle King 14" Survival Knife has a  7 1/4" heavy duty black 8 1/2" stainless steel blade with aggressive serratinons on top edge and solid aluminum handles with nonslip grips and lanyard. Screw off the end of the handle to reveal built in compass, and access survival kit which is spring loaded into the handle, and is housed in a water resistant plastic container. 

The Survival kit contains matches with striker, band aid, fishing hook and fishing line. Comes with heavy duty cord wrapped zytel sheath with belt loop and leg tie down. Also included (stored in the scabbard): 6 1/2" stainless one piece construction skinner knife with guthook blade & lanyard; slingshot; rubber tubing for slingshot can also be used as a tourniquet; signaling mirror.

Unlimited Wares 9-inch Paracord Full Tang Survival Hunting Knife with Sheath

This multi-purpose hunting knife works great for any task. It features a sharp and durable stainless steel blade with sawteeth on the back, like many other knives. But unlike others the laced handle fits comfortably in your hand and offers an excellent grip. Coming in at under one pound, this knife is easy to carry around and won't weigh you down. The tactical sheath makes it easy to be portable. If you're looking for a reliable knife that looks and works great, then this is the knife for you. Don't be caught out in the wilderness without it.



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