Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Maxam Survival Knife Review

While all these knives are survival knives this may appear to be the most complete ultimate survival knife kit. The Maxam 12pc Survival Knife Set features 3/16" thick blade; storage compartment in zinc alloy handle that holds bandage, tweezers, safety pin, razor blade, fishing line, pencil, thread, needle, and compass; 7" skeletal frame knife with 2-5/8" blade fits in molded sheath. The large knife measures 14-1/8" overall, with 7-3/4" blade. 

With a total weight of 2 pounds this kit can go anywhere and do so much you want it to and somethings you didn't know you needed it to do.

The mini knife is my favorite part of it all, I can't really tell you why but it just feels great in your hand and when I'm using it. The two knives are both so useful and holds an excellent sharp edge well. 

Overall It has some good qualities such as the saw blade of the knife will last for a long time and take a lot of abuse, I consider it a good purchase.

What you might not be aware of is the sling shot with this kit, while it is great we recommend you upgrade to better tube, and start practice how to fire a sling shot before you really need it in action. 
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