Friday, January 15, 2016

Surplus China 81 Ak Chest Rig Rifle Chest Ammo Pouch Bandoleer for Cartridge Ammo Green Review

These are genuine chinese military surplus complete with military storage smell, designed and built for servicing the AK this chest rig is built to last and meet your AK chest rig needs just right.

These Surplus Chinese Type 81 AK Chest Rig Ammo Pouch, Issued In 1990', Can Be Also Used For Some Russian Guns. - buy online now for quick delivery

Net Weight :0.465 Kg 
Since It Is Old, The Color Is Slightly Different for Each one. 
This is the best low budget chest rig for a bug out using an AK47. Holds 4-30 round mags, a stripper clip loader and 6-10 round loaded stripper clips. 

In summary it is a very good quality construction with good material and overall great quality for a great price.

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