Friday, January 15, 2016

Survivor HK-106280 Outdoor Fixed Blade Knife 11-Inch Overall

This simple full tang 11 inch survival knife, might not have the wow features of the survival knife kits, but it makes up for it with solid simple design and construction. With a solid single piece wrapped in parra cord this knifes simplicity is it's strength.

Made from stainless steel with multiuse parra cord handle and nylon sheath this knife is one ultra simple knife that you can expect to deliver and respond just how you need it to.

The knife feels great in your hand, holds an excellent edge and the teeth on the spine are sharp and reliable, to help you survive when your doing it with the basics. The fire start is an additional benefit and it highly reliable, but with any piece of survival equipment you need to make sure your comfortable with it. So like everything, practice and use it before your survival is relying on it, with this knife be comfortable with the fire starter, get into some hard work with the knife and use the parra cord for something different, and make sure it's right for you.

Overall this is an excellent knife kit, super simple but super reliable as a result. 

11-Inch overall
Stainless steel blade, reverse serration
Thick army green cord wrap handle
Nylon sheath
Magnesium alloy fire starter
11.2 ounces



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