Friday, January 1, 2016

Lancer Tactical CA-307C Modular Chest Rig in Camo

A lancer tactical chest rig, just means quality and at this price it is excellent for aspiring novice, occasional users or seasoned veteran user. With the ability to fit 6 M4 Mags firmly and can go through the most upright beating for any aggressive user that slides, dives, jumps and gets moving when out and getting into it, and they wont be let down. There is even room for a hydration pack to allow you to move easy while staying hydrated.

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Honestly I would have given it 4 1/2 stars. The vest is very well made with only a threads hanging here and there. The mag pouches are fantastic and fit my FAMAS mags perfectly as well as the ability to fit 4 1911 mags. The side pouches are very nice with webbing at the bottom for drainage. The back is a bag for a hydration pack. The chest part has 2 bags and folds up which is great when attaching a combat knife such as a KA-BAR. The MOLLE system is great and overall this vest is a must have.
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