Friday, January 15, 2016

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter System

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We all know without clean water you are never more than a few days from death. Do it goes without saying that you need this in your survival gear, and at this cheap price you will be amazed how simple, easy and reliable it is.

How it works 
LifeStraw filters to 0.2 microns through the use of hollow-fiber membranes, which are small tubes with even smaller pores. These pores allow water to pass, but prevent contaminants larger than 0.2 microns from flowing through. As you get closer to 264 gallons (1,000 liters), the pores will eventually become clogged with debris and the flow will stop.

LifeStraw is the water filter chosen by leading NGOs for humanitarian relief worldwide since launch in 2005. LifeStraws have been sent to Africa, Pakistan, Haiti, and South America for disaster aid, and a portion of domestic sales support this donation program.

How to use LifeStraw Water Filter
One item you can add to this.....paper coffee filters (cone type) are inexpensive. Place one over the bottom of the water filter with a wide rubber band and it will protect the filter with a lot less cleaning. The Water Filter will last 2X as long and cleaner water to drink!

5 point summary
  • Award-winning LifeStraw has been used by millions around the globe since 2005
  • Removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction) and surpasses EPA standards for water filters
  • Removes minimum 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites (>LOG 3 reduction) and filters to an amazing 0.2 microns
  • Filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water WITHOUT iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals
  • Comes in a sealed bag, perfect for storing for emergencies

As you are looking and getting prepared for surviving outdoors you should see our post on building the perfect bug out bag this is a review of a great book that teaches you how and why.


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