Friday, January 15, 2016

Nc Star Children's Vest Review NC Star Children Tactical Vest is a very well made product, and delivers the quality and comfort you want for your children or grandchildren.

The belt, fully expanded, will go out to 30" so if the child you have in mind is bigger than this you will need to look at a small adult tactical vest or chest rig.

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The two bigger pockets on the left side would hold a single 30 round AR mag per pocket but not an AK mag, due to the shape of the mag and pocket.

The holster is attached to the vest via a section of diagonally mounted MOLLE webbing. It allowed the holster to come off easily. I replaced it with a second MOLLE rifle mag pouch to get some more storage out of it. Part of the MOLLE straps on the mag holder don't go all the way through the webbing on the vest there, but there's enough that will fit that I was pleased with the fit.

The pistol mag pockets are pretty small.  You will be glad they're there, but they're not as big as similar pockets on a full sized vest. The two pistol magazine holders on the belt were too small to be of much use. Perhaps a flashlight (a small flashlight) or a folding pocket knife would be about the right size.

There is a velcro patch place under the right shoulder pad area. The back of the vest opens at the top for a place to put a hydration pouch of approximately 2L would go in without any problems.

The picture of the back of the vest seems to indicate that there is MOLLE webbing on the upper part of the back. This is true, but the webbing goes down the whole of the back, you could put a MOLLE attachable hydration pouch there.

Your expectations will be exceeded. this is a fun adventure vest and something your child of grandchild will love until they outgrow it.



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