Friday, January 15, 2016

Tactical Vest digital Camo Acu Review

You can buy this tactical vest for a lot of reasons and to help you through your purchase decision we have collated a detail review for your consideration. In summary this tactical vest is excellent, and if your looking to buy this definitely will not let you down.

We will start from the belt up to the shoulders. But first let me say the vest looks AWESOME. is of  good construction. The netting and webbing on the inside of the vest is sturdy. You have 2 buckles that buckle over the zipper to keep things tight.
1) The belt portion was very easy to adjust (took me all of 3 minutes to adjust both sides so it fit snugly). You can take it completely off the vest if you'd like, so that's a nice feature to have. There are also 2 pistol mag pouches on the belt that you can take off or leave on. These DO FIT full size pistol mags.

2) The pistol holster. You really need to take the buckle and feed it through one more loop to hold the pistol close to your body, otherwise the pistol will bounce all around. You should also loop the two straps on the back of the holster through one more loop downward. Not hard to do at all. The holster can come off completely if you don't want to use it (which is good).

3) The AR15 Mag pouches. The overall construction of the pouches is great. They fit 1 mag a piece very tightly, but are easy to grab the mags out. The first mag pouch is easy to get to and reload. The second is more difficult because it is too close to the rifle (you have to alter your grip to get it out - usually not a good thing). The third pouch is impossible to get to if you don't point the rifle straight up (which could be very unsafe), or move the rifle off your shoulder, basically taking you out of the fight for a few seconds while you grab the third mag.

4) The side straps on your rib-cage are easy to adjust, but I would recommend taping them with electric tape or black athletic tape if you want to keep them from sliding on you while running.

5) The "shotgun shell pouch" on your right shoulder is kind of gimmicky in my opinion. I have no intentions of putting loose shotgun shells in there, and I'm not sure what else to put in there except for maybe a walky-talky, or radio that has a headset or headphones to your ear. It has Velcro over the flap, so I suppose you could find something to put there (shotgun shell holder or maybe a patch - I'll probably put a patch there).

6) I didn't have to do this at all, but you can adjust the shoulder straps if you have a longer torso.

7) The back also has Molle webbing, so you can put other patches, pouches, or even that pistol holster (which I've seen someone do).

Tactical Vest Features

Constructed of Tough PVC on Top of Mesh Webbing for Maximum durability
4 Pistol Magazine Pouches, 3 Rifle Magazine Pouches, 1 Utility Pouch, and a Fully-adjustable Cross Draw Pistol Holster
Front Zipper, 2 Buckles and Adjustable Shoulders with 3 Adjustment Straps on Each Side to Ensure a Secure Custom Fit
Hydration System Compatible (Bladder Not Included)
Includes Heavy Duty Pistol Belt Attaches Securely to Vest to keep Everything in Place



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