Friday, January 15, 2016

72 Hour Emergency Survival Bugout Bag

with Fox Tactical Field Operator's Action Pack Black loaded with Star MREs SOS Food Labs 2400 Calorie Bars Emergency Water Flashlight Magnesium Fire Starter Emergency Blanket Poncho Double Palm Gloves N95 Masks Wetnaps and more

This 72 hour 1 person Survival Bag provides food, water and basic supplies to get you through those critical first 3 days of survival while everyone is confused, panicking and acting irrationally. Having a fully equipment bug out bag for 72 hours that keeps you alive but feeling good about yourself will give you a bigger advantage in making the critcal right decision at the start of the cricis. 

The Basic Survival Bag includes: 
FOX Tactical Field Operator's Action Pack (Black): 22" x 16" x 9". 
Food/Water: 2 2400 Calorie Food Bar Packets by SOS Food Lab-Made in USA/U.S. Coast Guard Approved. packet contains six (6) fortified bars (400 calories each); 2 MRE Star Ready to Eat Meals w/ Flameless Heaters emergency food (MREs)-Made in USA; 18 4.22 ounces drinking water packets by SOS Food Lab-Made in USA/U.S. Coast Guard Approved. Shelter/Warmth/Safety: Magnesium Fire Starter; Emergency Poncho; Emergency Blanket; Two Pairs of Disposable Hand Warmers; Super Bright Flashlight with batteries & case; pair Heavy-Duty Work Gloves Sanitation/Hygiene: Three (3) N95 Particulate Respirator Mask; toothbrush with toothpaste; toilet paper & tissue; body/bath shampoo; package Shower-in-a-Bag (8 cloths); 12 wet naps (also can be used as fire starters); 2 sanitary pads (also can be used to stop bleeding). Also included is 100 Feet of Gladding Paracord. 2012 72 Hour Survival Bugout Bug Out Doomsday Prepper Emergency Bag Zombie Kit. We reserve the right to substitute items of equal or greater value

I'm very happy with this purchase. The bag itself is excellent - very high quality and distributes the weight very well. The carry handle as well as backpack straps give you options, and the pockets and compartments are well thought out.

As for the contents, it's a start. The basic medical supplies are adequate, but contain no types of medication - aspirin, anti-diarrheals etc. But that's ok, as those type of supplies expire, and need to be rotated anyway. The emergency supplies are decent quality as well. The flashlight was a Maglite, with Duracell batteries and extra bulbs. I haven't tried the food or water, and in all sincerity, I hope I never have to... or ever have to use this purchase at all.But it's nice knowing it's there.


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