Friday, January 15, 2016

McNett Tactical Field Fix Kit for Gear Repair

When you’re out in the field, a high-quality repair kit is an essential item. Don’t let broken gear or failing equipment prevent you from accomplishing your mission. Be prepared with the Field Fix Kit by McNett Tactical. With this specialized fix-it kit, you can repair gear, sew clothing or modify existing equipment on-the-fly. The compact kit easily stuffs into packs, pockets or rucks without compromising space or weight and features a Coyote storage case with quiet zippers.The next time you need to make a repair or modification, unleash your inner MacGyver with the Field Fix Kit by McNett Tactical.Field Fix Kit Components 1-Inch x ¾-Inch Quick Attach Sternum Strap with Tri-Glide 1 ½-Inch Quick Attach Side Release Buckle and Latch 1 ½-Inch Ladder Lock Ten Feet 550 Paracord in Coyote Color 2" x 50" Roll of Tan Duct Tape Two Clear Tenacious Tape Patches (3" x 5") ¼ oz. Tube Seam Grip #16 Sewing Needle #18 Sewing Needle Five Yards Heavy-Duty Thread Two #30 Buttons in Coyote Color Two Safety Pins Two, 8" Cable Ties Two, 4" Cable Ties No-See-Um Patch (4-Inch x 6-Inch) Three Alcohol Prep Pads.

Field Fix Kit by McNett Tactical - Fix it Kit Repairs Gear and Sews Clothing
Make a repair to tactical gear or ripped clothing with the Field Fix Kit by McNett Tactical
Tactical Fix It Kit . Sew Clothing and Repair Gear, Boots and Footwear. Contains Sewing Kit With High-Quality Threads and Needles. Contains Replacement Buckle Parts.
Contains Gear Repair Products. Designed for Military Use. Compact and Lightweight Field Kit.
Ideal for Emergency or Survival Scenarios. Packaged in Coyote Mesh Storage Bag. Repair Manual Included. Made in USA.
This kit is a collection of lots of little items that it's good to have on-hand should some of your kit need repairs while you're out on the trail. I think it's probably best used as a supplement to an emergency/survival kit.

For me, this kit did a great job of plugging all of the gaps in my emergency kit that I hadn't bothered to fill primarily due to my reluctance to (a) spend the time needed to hunt down all of these little items or (b) purchase more than I really needed. Trying to locate items like heat-and-melt glue sticks or adhesive nylon patches is a pain, frankly, and it's not as if I'll ever need an entire package of any of these things. But it sure is nice to have just the one on hand for that rare emergency situation when you *do* need it


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