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What Tactical Survival Gear do I need

When looking for your Tactical Survival Gear a survive kit is always a good place to start, as some of these kits are highly comprehensive. In all serious a survival kit that you buy from the shelf will never meet your needs perfectly. So when looking for a kit think that you will find 90% of what you want and that you will need to modify the kit tomneed your needs perfectly, or to upgrade. Piece of equipment.

Urban Survival Bug Out Bag, 2 Person Emergency Disaster Kit, Emergency Zone Brand for any disaster, natural or man-made with this 2 person bug out bag, while it might not be what you think of tactical survival gear, but remember if your not in good health you are not surviving anything. The backpack is oversized and allows room to pack other personal items and plenty of pockets to keep smaller items organized. 

The bag comes packed and ready including food, water, weather protection, emergency tools, first aid and hygiene supplies with all Items organized in zip lock bags to keep everything organized as well as dry.

If you and your partners are wanting a bug out bag that allows you to leave the house quick, this is what you need and here is the detailed list of all included items.
Black backpack
Zip lock bags x5
Waterproof document container

Reflective sleeping bags x2
Adult size poncho x2
2 person tube tent
Hand warmers x2

US Coast Guard approved 5 year shelf life 3600 calorie bars x 2
US Coast Guard approved 5 year shelf life 4.2 oz water pouches x12
1 L water purification powder x5
Folding 1 L water container for purifying water
Water purification instruction sheet

Dynamo AM/FM radio/flashlight/mobile phone charger
Light sticks x2

Toothbrush x2
Feminine pad x2
Toilet paper roll
Sewing kit.

Band aids
Butterfly closures
Cotton tip applicators
N95 masks x2
Self-adhesive bandage
Trauma scissors
Pair of medical grade nitrile gloves

10yd duct tape
5 in 1 survival whistle
50 ft rope
Leather palm work gloves
Multi tool knife
Playing cards
GI can opener
48 page Emergency Preparedness Guide

Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit you have decided that you have a little more time and want to build your own bug out bag, you need a good guide and teacher. Therefore we recommend Creek Stewart as your expert to walk you through the process and identify everything you need. This book even includes special considerations for bugging out with children, the elderly, the physically disabled, and even pets, and:-
  • A complete Bug Out Bag checklist that tells you exactly what to pack based on your survival skill level
  • Photos and explanations of every item you need in your bag
  • Resource lists to help you find and purchase gear
  • Practice exercises that teach you how to use almost everything in your bag
  • Demonstrations for multi-use items that save pack space and weight
  • Specific gear recommendations for common disasters
"How to Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag is the perfect Kindle book to help you with the building your own Bug Out Bag!" --Before It's
About the Author
Creek Stewart is the author of Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag, The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide, Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle, and Build the Perfect Bug Out Survival Skills. Creek regularly publishes articles relating to disaster preparedness in numerous magazines. He owns and is Lead Instructor at Willow Haven Outdoor--a survival, preparedness and bushcraft school located in central Indiana. Creek specializes in disaster preparedness and has consulted with individuals, corporations, non-profits and government agencies all over the United States about a myriad of preparedness-related subjects, projects and initiatives. He has been featured on Fox & Friends and is host of Fat Guys in the Woods on the Weather Channel.

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket you think you are going to survive outdoors when you don't plan to be outdoor, you need to have thermal emergency blankets. This pack of ten disposable rescue blanket keeps in body heat and preserves body temperature. Small enough to fit in most first aid kits, and back pack of any size.

Features and Summary
10 Pack of Compact emergency protection
Durable mylar insulation material
Retains and reflects body heat

72 Hour Emergency Survival Bugout Bag 
with Fox Tactical Field Operator's Action Pack Black loaded with Star MREs SOS Food Labs 2400 Calorie Bars Emergency Water Flashlight Magnesium Fire Starter Emergency Blanket Poncho Double Palm Gloves N95 Masks Wetnaps and more

This 72 hour 1 person Survival Bag provides food, water and basic supplies to get you through those critical first 3 days of survival while everyone is confused, panicking and acting irrationally. Having a fully equipment bug out bag for 72 hours that keeps you alive but feeling good about yourself will give you a bigger advantage in making the critcal right decision at the start of the cricis. 

The Basic Survival Bag includes: 
FOX Tactical Field Operator's Action Pack (Black): 22" x 16" x 9". 
Food/Water: 2 2400 Calorie Food Bar Packets by SOS Food Lab-Made in USA/U.S. Coast Guard Approved. packet contains six (6) fortified bars (400 calories each); 2 MRE Star Ready to Eat Meals w/ Flameless Heaters emergency food (MREs)-Made in USA; 18 4.22 ounces drinking water packets by SOS Food Lab-Made in USA/U.S. Coast Guard Approved. Shelter/Warmth/Safety: Magnesium Fire Starter; Emergency Poncho; Emergency Blanket; Two Pairs of Disposable Hand Warmers; Super Bright Flashlight with batteries & case; pair Heavy-Duty Work Gloves Sanitation/Hygiene: Three (3) N95 Particulate Respirator Mask; toothbrush with toothpaste; toilet paper & tissue; body/bath shampoo; package Shower-in-a-Bag (8 cloths); 12 wet naps (also can be used as fire starters); 2 sanitary pads (also can be used to stop bleeding). Also included is 100 Feet of Gladding Paracord. 2012 72 Hour Survival Bugout Bug Out Doomsday Prepper Emergency Bag Zombie Kit. We reserve the right to substitute items of equal or greater value

I'm very happy with this purchase. The bag itself is excellent - very high quality and distributes the weight very well. The carry handle as well as backpack straps give you options, and the pockets and compartments are well thought out.

As for the contents, it's a start. The basic medical supplies are adequate, but contain no types of medication - aspirin, anti-diarrheals etc. But that's ok, as those type of supplies expire, and need to be rotated anyway. The emergency supplies are decent quality as well. The flashlight was a Maglite, with Duracell batteries and extra bulbs. I haven't tried the food or water, and in all sincerity, I hope I never have to... or ever have to use this purchase at all.But it's nice knowing it's there.

McNett Tactical Field Fix Kit for Gear Repair
When you’re out in the field, a high-quality repair kit is an essential item. Don’t let broken gear or failing equipment prevent you from accomplishing your mission. Be prepared with the Field Fix Kit by McNett Tactical. With this specialized fix-it kit, you can repair gear, sew clothing or modify existing equipment on-the-fly. The compact kit easily stuffs into packs, pockets or rucks without compromising space or weight and features a Coyote storage case with quiet zippers.The next time you need to make a repair or modification, unleash your inner MacGyver with the Field Fix Kit by McNett Tactical.Field Fix Kit Components 1-Inch x ¾-Inch Quick Attach Sternum Strap with Tri-Glide 1 ½-Inch Quick Attach Side Release Buckle and Latch 1 ½-Inch Ladder Lock Ten Feet 550 Paracord in Coyote Color 2" x 50" Roll of Tan Duct Tape Two Clear Tenacious Tape Patches (3" x 5") ¼ oz. Tube Seam Grip #16 Sewing Needle #18 Sewing Needle Five Yards Heavy-Duty Thread Two #30 Buttons in Coyote Color Two Safety Pins Two, 8" Cable Ties Two, 4" Cable Ties No-See-Um Patch (4-Inch x 6-Inch) Three Alcohol Prep Pads.

User reviews an buy online

Field Fix Kit by McNett Tactical - Fix it Kit Repairs Gear and Sews Clothing
Make a repair to tactical gear or ripped clothing with the Field Fix Kit by McNett Tactical
Tactical Fix It Kit . Sew Clothing and Repair Gear, Boots and Footwear. Contains Sewing Kit With High-Quality Threads and Needles. Contains Replacement Buckle Parts.
Contains Gear Repair Products. Designed for Military Use. Compact and Lightweight Field Kit.
Ideal for Emergency or Survival Scenarios. Packaged in Coyote Mesh Storage Bag. Repair Manual Included. Made in USA.
This kit is a collection of lots of little items that it's good to have on-hand should some of your kit need repairs while you're out on the trail. I think it's probably best used as a supplement to an emergency/survival kit.

For me, this kit did a great job of plugging all of the gaps in my emergency kit that I hadn't bothered to fill primarily due to my reluctance to (a) spend the time needed to hunt down all of these little items or (b) purchase more than I really needed. Trying to locate items like heat-and-melt glue sticks or adhesive nylon patches is a pain, frankly, and it's not as if I'll ever need an entire package of any of these things. But it sure is nice to have just the one on hand for that rare emergency situation when you *do* need it

Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pack with QuikClot
Tactical professionals know that excessive equipment only gets in the way in an emergency. With that in mind, the Trauma Pak with QuikClot is designed to stop bleeding and control serious trauma at the scene so more advanced care can be sought later. Packed in a tough, waterproof pouch sized to fit in any pocket, the Trauma Pak with QuikClot is easy to deploy: just rip the top off, pull out the QuikClot dressing to apply to any life-threatening bleeding, and use the other bandages and dressings as needed. An instruction pamphlet with information on treating traumatic injuries provides is included as well.

Category Item Quantity
Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pack with QuikClotBandage Materials Trauma Pad, 5" x 9" 
QuickClot Sport 25g 
Duct Tape, 2" x 26" 
Fracture / Sprain Bandage, Triangular 
Wound Care Gloves, Nitrile (Pair), Hand Wipe 
Bleeding Dressing, Gauze, Sterile, 4" x 4", Pkg./2 
Dressing, Gauze, Sterile, 2" x 2", Pkg./2 
Bandage, Conforming Gauze, 3" 
Duct Tape After Cuts & Scrapes Antiseptic Wipe

Features and overview
  • Stop bleeding fast
  • Critical first aid information
  • Durable, waterproof, and reusable
  • Made for tactical first response
  • Personal protection


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