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Molle Chest Rigs and Molle Accessories

If nothing in the chest rig or tactical vest market meets your requirement for carrying equipment you need to build your own using a Molle platform or Molle Chest Rig and Molle pouches you specifically need. 
This allows you to carry more, in greater comfort and having everything easy to hand for rapid deployment. We all need load carrying equipment like a Molle chest rig, just most of us haven't realised yet. 

Within this article we answer the important questions about your future Molle Chest Rig and provide comprehensive product tables for your easy shopping.

+ What is a Molle Chest Rig?

+ Molle chest rig setup?

+ Where to start with your Molle Chest Rig Setup?

What is a Molle Chest Rig?

The Molle chest rig is a piece of equipment that every user modifies with pockets pouches and d rings to meet their exact need and ideal weight balance.
What accessory are available to Molle chest rigs?
The power of the Molle chest rigs is in the endless Molle accessory options that can be constantly changed to meet your needs at the right now.
To help you review most of the Molle accessories, Molle pouches, Molle pockets and Molle everything else we have created a sortable tables for your use.

OneTigris Compact MOLLE EDC Pouch Utility Gadget Pouch


Rothco Molle Water Bottle Pouch

OneTigris 4pcs Tactical 360 Rotation D-ring Clips MOLLE Webbing

Condor Flashlight Pouch

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Molle Utility Pouch

Condor EMT Pouch


Condor Rip-Away EMT Pouch

Rothco MOLLE Modular Ambidextrous Holster

Condor MA8 Utility Pouch

Tactical Gear Clip - Multipurpose Fastener For Clipping Gear To Backpack (Compatible With Molle Bags)

VISM Folding Dump Pouch

OneTigris MOLLE Tactical Smartphone Pouch Quick Release Buckle Phone Holster for 4.7"

Condor HHR Pouch


Mil-Pod(TM) Sunglasses Multi-Mount Case by Hazard 4(R)

Condor MA23 Double Pistol Mag Pouch

High quality Nylon Velcro, Gear Keeper Pouch

Ballistic iPhone 6 4.7"/6s Hard Core Tactical Series Case Holster

Condor H2O Pouch

Leatherman Sheath Brown Large Molle

VISM by NcStar Small Utility Pouch


Modular MOLLE Utility Pouch

OneTigris Mesh Bottom MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch

Condor Triple Stacker M4/M16 Mag Pouch

Sheath - Molle Universal Blk Nyl

OneTigris Adjustable Cell Phone Smartphone iPod Electronics Pouch MOLLE Tactical Vest

Custom Leathercraft 1104 Multi-Purpose Poly Tool Holder

Condor MOLLE Open Top Double Stacker M4 Mag Pouch

Voodoo Tactical Pistol Double Mag Pouch

Molle Backpack Accessory Straps - Quick Release Buckle

Condor Pocket Pouch/US Patch

Vanquest 5" MOLLE Sticks (4 Pack)

Orca Tactical MOLLE EMT Medical First Aid Pouch

PKG(6) Assorted Molle Buckles in Army-Drab Pastic

5.11 10 X 6 Pouch

OneTigris Assorted Grimloc Multifunctional Tactical Buckle Molle Organizer Snap Keychain

MOLLE Tech Pouch - Padded Multiple Pocket Media Pouch for Cameras, Phones, iPods and Other Electronics

Condor Sidekick Pouch

Molle chest rig setup

The best chest rig setup is really a personal choice specific to your current needs which can change from week to week or season to season.
To help you understand what some of the best chest rig setups are I have collated a series of the best setup and breakdown videos available.

Where to start with your Molle Chest Rig Setup?

Starting your Molle chest rig setup is all about the best chest rig, now and as seasons and needs change you may need to consider different base Molle chest rigs. You may even want multiple Molle chest rigs so you can have them setup and ready to go with different configurations.
To understand the difference and variety in the market we have created a table of Molle chest rigs for you to sort and filter before you dig into more details.

Avg Rating
Pro (User Reviews)
Con (User Reviews)

I'm pleased with this chest rig. Bungee straps are tension adjustable, pistol mag straps are adjustable/removable, padded straps, two additional pouches on sides that can accommodate a 40pmag
While the chest piece was able to be moved to fit okay, the belt at the tightest setting hung down loosely. This would probably be fine if you are wearing armor or if you had a larger waist. I think these are designed for people with a larger waistline.

OPS Chest Rig
my old chest rig only had 1 disconnect point, this one has 4 that allows me to dump it without having to pull the shoulder straps over my head to get it off. Padded shoulder pads are a plus, I carried my sidearm, mags, radio, knife, firefly strobe, and flashlight
Not a bad rig for the price. Not good for smaller guys. Im 5'9 135lb with the straps completely pulled tight it is still very loose

Condor MCR4 - Operator MOLLE Chest Rig
It has a lot of MOLLE space to work with. I use it for many things but mainly I use it for paintballing and I've tried it for some run and gun at firearms ranges before. It's very durable and the cross straps keep the rig from bouncing around.
This is a small chest harness and does not fit a lot of items. Wearing it is fine, it's not very heavy and does fit comfortably.

or this piece of gear I wasn't expecting much but I was certainly surprised when It arrived and I looked it over.
The rig is small, only about three magazine pouches wide. I was able to mount a single ar15 mag pouch, a blackhawk serpa pistol holster, and a single pistol mag pouch on the carrier and that was it.

Condor MCR1 Molle Style Chest Rig
This is a very nice vest. Plenty of molle for any tactical setup. Has a very large stomach pouch as well. Can even hold a chest plate. Very adjustable
no back, and no accessory options to add a back piece later on

Modular Chest Rig
Stitching on vest seems sturdy enough I don't foresee any issues to come of it.
design is lacking in rapid deployment unless you remove the small chest mount piece, also the ammo pouches are built too snug for a fire fight

Condor MCR1 Molle Style Chest Rig
after all the gear was attached the vest ended up being legit. It carries an AR500 plate perfectly and holds about 20 lbs worth of gear without a problem
Only has a front plate pouch. Open back.

Condor Tactical Hydro Harness
There is plenty of area with molle stuff all over this thing. If you feel the need to add on stuff. You should have no problem finding a spot to put it on the rig
Rigid Velcro with sharp corners.(had to round the corners to keep them from scratching me)

Rapid Assault Chest Rig
My AR-15 mags fit well in this chest rig. Very durable. Mags fit tight. I have been able to use it without the bungee retainers too. I recommend it.
This rig is not very easy to put on or take off. If you want the mags to ride high like I do then it is VERY hard to put on

Condor Ops Chest Rig
The MOLLE webbing is spaced properly enough to work with most pouches/attachments. It'll fit a wide range of sizes, and its rather comfortable to wear as long as its not loaded up too much
Doesn't tighten enough. I'm a small guy, about 5'8" 150, I have a 38" chest but a much smaller waist and its loose.

Condor Outdoor MCR7 Ronin Tactical MOLLE Split Chest Rig
I love this rig. Very sturdy, yet light weight. I'm a big guy...6'3" and 240...and I can tell you...it would easily fit someone much bigger than I. I also purchased the Condor Hydro Harness to compliment this rig.
Not bad just wish it had more space for molle

VISM by NcStar AK Chest Rig
You can't beat this chest rig for the price. I have used it and it is great.
Rig sets too high on my chest when worn and is very uncomfortable when fully loaded with magazines. I'm not too impressed with the closure system used to keep the mags where they're supposed to stay when running and rolling around on the ground.

Condor Outdoor MCR7 Ronin Tactical MOLLE Split Chest Rig
Perfect vest for my job. I carry a lot of weight and this is the first vest that fits my small frame. Carrying 30+ pounds for 12+ hours is so much better with this rig. Less restricting around the arms and neck.
it's tough to adjust when the vest is loaded up and getting it to ride comfortably. Of course I'm still playing with my adjustments but not sure I'll ever be totally comfortable for long wear.

Rapdom Tactical Molle Chest Rigs
I especially love the fact the pistol mag holders have covers which are removable. I don't run my rig with 6 pistol mags. So four of them got converted to a multi-tool holder. A flashlight holder and two for repellants
At time of writing only 4 & 5 star reviews received

OneTigris Hunting Military Molle FSBE Style Tactical Vest with 7 Customizable Modular Pouches
The material is a good material for the vest. The vest itself has a good look to itself and is easy to set up and adjust
Molle pouches are not done correctly upon arrival so fix them when it comes in. All in all not a bad vest,

Evike Matrix Tactical Systems High Speed Combat Simulation Vest
This rig comes great out of the box and fits me perfectly.
When I completed the rig setup it was good, it just took longe than expected

MetalTac Tactical Vest Navy Style
It is a great vest. It comes with the plates already in it. Its is a great perches. I love it
if your 5 foot 11 inches or taller it will not protect you from the belly button or down.

Voodoo Tactical Tactical Chest Rig - Army Digital 20-993175000
I like the rig its a touch large in the mid section, Ill just gain some weight.. other than that it is certainly made well and I am anxious to put it threw its paces....
hoping the 2 smaller pouches under the main rack would fit nod and some markers, and the side mounted pistol mag pouches would maybe carry some less frequented 40mm rounds

Hazard 4 Frontline MOLLE Chest Rig
Very well made. If you like Hazard 4 products this Rig will not disappoint!
Rig it was very bulky and not very easy to slip on by yourself.

Condor Recon Chest Rig
The mag pouches are big enough to work with 7.62 AK mags (are snug but work) as well as AR mags and have Velcro dividers that MIGHT make the pouches big enough for .308 mags.
If you are running an AK you can SQUEEZE 6 mags in, but don't count on being able to withdraw them quickly or without a big fight as AK mags have a slightly larger outside circumference

Nc Star Chest Rig
Good quality and pouches each hold 2 AK mags. Straps are flat and wide enough for comfort and to wear under a larger pack.
Needed a green chest rig as advertised. I was sent a digital multicam.

Voodoo Tactical 20-8400 MOLLE Chest Rig
Very durable! Admin pouch is useless to me but can be removed for more airflow thru chest area.
This vest runs small, and is not adjustable to bigger sizes. Upon finding it would not be able to fit,

Tactical 5.11 TacTec Chest Rig
It's a great lightweight rig for a quick run around the course. Yes straps get in the way and the water bottle pocket could be put to better use.
My only gripe is that the elastic divider that is sewn in place on the interior of the pouches makes it nearly impossible to fit more than a single row of mags.

Myheartgoon Hunting Military MOLLE Style Tactical Carrier Vest

Lancer Tactical CA-307B Modular Chest Rig
The construction is solid, the three front pockets carry one 30 round mag each, and the two side pouches are generous enough to hold two 40 rounds mags each.
This vest is fricken huge.


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