Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pocket Survival Knife for the Outdoor Man

For any person who is outdoors at all you understand how important the right pocket survival knife is to go about living. You'll also understand that the care and storage of your knives is equally as important as the initial purchase.

How to pick the right Pocket Survival Knife?

When picking your best pocket survive knife you need to consider the following parts of every knife and how you will use your knife.
Knife Parts to consider:-

  • weight of knife
  • knife balance
  • total length of knife
  • knives blade length
  • handle length of knife

Knife uses to consider:-
  • pocket knife for everyday usage
  • survival knife occasional use
  • tactical knife for protection
  • working knife for daily job use
  • slicing, sawing, chopping, cutting

How to store your Pocket Survival Knife?

The way you store your knife when being used and when not being used will dramatically increase the knife life and quality your best knives. To keep it simple we have a couple simple recommendations that everyone can implement this week for your new and old knives.

Long Term Knife Storage Rules

- dry place
- soft contact
- separate from other knives
Do Example: keep your knives in a dry draw with cork divider

What not to do when storing knives

- moist damp places
- knife blades in contact

- leather sheath*
Don't Do Example: leather sheath in cool place. Leather sheaths for knives can pick up moisture and transfer it to the blade causing rust. - *note veggy tanned leather is pretty much harmless, and can be used if required.

How to Sharpen your Knife

There are plenty of ways to sharpen a knife that do work. However, there are more non-functional knife sharpeners on the market than any other product. We have created a simple and time tested process for sharpening all your knives at home and outdoors.

While this will take a little time to master how to sharpen your knife, it will provide you with the sharpest of knife blades and the longest of life's for your knives.
  1. Pick an angle to sharpen your knife. If you already know what angle your knife is sharpened at, you'll probably wish to sharpen it at this angle again. Sharpening at a different angle will take significantly more time and may take a few goes before any rough angles are smoothed out.
  2. Lubricate your whetstone or diamond stone with a small amount of mineral oil.
  3. Start off on the rough grit side of the stone.
  4. Continue grinding at this angle until your grind goes roughly halfway through the steel.
  5. Flip the knife over until the second side of the knife is created
  6. Flip the stone over to the fine side and begin sharpening one side of the blade.
  7. Flip the knife from side to side until the super sharp knife blade is formed.

Summary Table - Pocket Survival Knife for the Outdoor Man

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife 65.00
Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife, Fine Edge 58.50
BlizeTec Survival Fixed Blade Knife 120.00
Morakniv Bushcraft Stainless Steel Survival Knife 60.00
Schrade SCHF3N Extreme Survival 75.00
Survival Knife 15.38-Inch Overall 130.00
Ontario ASEK-AircrewTM Survival Egress Knife 260.00
Schrade SCHF1SM Extreme Survival One-Piece Steel Special Forces Fixed Blade Knife 100.00
Micarta Handle, Stainless Steel MV-58 165.00
Micarta Handle, Stainless Steel MV-58 165.00
TOPS SURV TAC 7 Survival Tactical Knife by Joseph Teti STAC-7 220.00
Premium Outdoor / Survival / Hunting Knife - Stainless Steel MOVA-58 145.00
Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Fixed Blade Knife, 6.375in, Satin Spear Point Blade, Kraton A1Z 321.00
TOPS Silent Hero Knife Hunting Survival HERO-01 300.00
Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade Knife 35.00
Brite Strike BSTLSK-100-CE Brite-Blade Tactical Lighted Survival Knife with Combo Edge Serrated Blade 150.00

Recommended Pocket Survival Knives to Review

Ontario ASEK-AircrewTM Survival Egress Knife

The Rothco 3274 Ontariio ASEK-Aircrew Survival Egress Knife is the one and only survival/egress knife chosen by the US Army to be included in its Air Warrior Equipment System; it includes the knife, sheath and strap cutter multi tool. 
The knife is made of .1875" thick 1095 carbon steel with a zinc phosphate finish to inhibit rust. The blade also has a serrated edge and saw teeth on the spine. The overall length of the knife is 10.25", blade is 5" with a hardness of Rockwell C 50-54. 
The knife's insulated handle is molded over the blade guard and has a lanyard hole and glass breaker on the butt cap. the nylon sheath is flame retardant and includes a Kydex insert, two leg protectors and straps. Behind the knife is a strap cutter multi-tool. The high strength, machined aluminum handle will not melt or shatter; it also has two oxygen valve and shackle wrenches along with a lanyard and bead for easy locating. The strap cutter blade is replaceable. NSN for system: 1095-01-530-0833; NSN for strap cutter multi-tool: 4240-01-547-5933. US made.

Positive Reviews for Ontario ASEK-AircrewTM Survival Egress Knife
"This is an excellent knife. I abuse it every day and it just keeps on ticking. The handle fits my hand very, very well and the rubber grip that it has works great even when wet (which doesn't really matter because this knife has a larger rugged hilt so you can stab it as hard as you can into small trees without ever worrying about your hand slipping down on the blade)."
"I skinned and quartered two deer with it without having to resharpen the blade, and I cracked the lower leg bones without any damage to the blade or dulling it enough to justify resharpening."
"The digital camo is nicely professional and concealing and along with the leg straps it is very versatile. If you want a great survival knife that WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN; get this unit."

Negative Reviews for Ontario ASEK-AircrewTM Survival Egress Knife
"The quality is great but the sharp part for cutting is too small. It's a survivor knife indeed which makes it less universal. If u are looking for a multi purpose knife and use it to cut a lot, then u may not like this one."
"Great knife for just about anything you might want a knife for. Only draw back I have is the cover. Clumsy and hard to attach to anything to carry if you need to"
"In a survival situation, I feel that size does matter. Maybe my expectations are too high, but this knife doesn't give me any sense of security. A solid blade is the single most important piece of equipment you can carry."



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