Friday, January 1, 2016

Best Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener Guide and Reviews

Brass knuckles where created in a time when men were really tough and the fights were real rough fights. In time the need to carry brass knuckles has gone away in the same way as the need to carry a cut throat razor did. 

When Did People Carry Cut Throat Razors?
In the 1930's mainly in Australia a rough time grew and created a band of razor gangs that carried cut throat razors because the punishment for carrying a gun was instant jail time.

In the same way that the cut throat razors have moved on to become a tools of skills the brass knuckle bottle openers have been created with incredible craftsmanship to create a machined pieces of glory.

The brass knuckle bottle opener is excellent for people looking for a unique gift or something's special for themselves.

To help you find the best quality brass knuckle bottle openers we have created a table of high quality products. So all you need to do is pick the bottle openers that had the right look and colour for you.

Can't see what you are looking for in the table click to see the full collection

PictureName$ Price

HZman Black Metal Bear's Paw Self Defense Emergency Survival Tool fits perfectly in the palm of your hand




Partstock(TM) Metal Keychain Self Defense Emergency Survival Tool fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.


Island Dogs Brass Knuckles Bottle Opener Keychain, Silver


Babyknucks BRASS Knuckles bottle opener Key Ring confidence booster- as seen in Think Geek


Huge 3D Brass Knuckles Bottle Opener Pendant Silver Plated 24" Necklace



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