Friday, January 15, 2016

Wares HK-1023DP Fixed Blade Tactical Knife Review

The Wares HK-1023DP Fixed Blade knife is a classic design and look we have all come to know. But beware this is a small knife with a total length of 7.5" and a total weight of 1 pount.

It is made with stainless steel serrated blade and rubber coated handle with creates an effective and comfortable grip for prolonged use and comes with a sheath for simple and easy storage and access.

Due to the small size of the knife it is ideal for some one with very small hands, like a teenager and while the blade comes functional it is not razor sharp but can be sharpened when the user wants or is ready for a razor edge on their knife. Alternatively this is an good knife to keep in the bottom of your bag or glove box of the car if you want a knife close by, but dont want the weight and size of other fixed blade knifes.



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