Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Condor HHR Pouch

You got your condor vest and you are now building your tactical vest to match your perfect needs. 

The Condor HHR Pouch is just want you need for your tactical vest, it has great features that make this an excellent addition to your condor vest. We all know the small differences make the biggest differences when building your condor vest. 

  • Hook & Loop flap closure
  • Drawstring with cord lock
  • Multiple carrying options: MOLLE, belt, carabiner
  • Dimensions: 5x10x4cm (2"x4"x1.5")
  • Weight: 50g

User Reviews
Typical high quailty of Condor, and this fits my Baofung BF-F8+ radio perfectly. It has to Molle straps on the back, and one attachment snap strap.
I use this with a BAOFENG UV-5. It fits very tightly, I removed the belt clip to make it easier to put it in but it will fit with the clip if you work at it. I have no fear of it ever falling out by accident. Appears to be well made.

I purchased a set of two Motorola Talkabout MR350R FRS/GRMS 22-Channel, 35-Mile* (only if clear, unobstructed, line-of-sight, point-to-point transmission) Range Two-Way Radios for short-range communicating in areas where my smartphone gets NO BARS signal-strength. I didn't want to trust the belt clip that came with the radios to keep them on my belt, and also wanted to give them more protection from the bumps and banging it could get unprotected on my belt. I ordered two of the Condor MA56 HHR Pouches from LA Wings, an vendor with whom I've had very good service in the past, after checking the dimensions of my MR350R radios and the size of these pouches. I am a fan of the quality materials and workmanship found in Condor Tactical's products, and felt sure these would be just what I needed. The radios arrived from and the Condor MA56 HHR Pouches arrived the next day, which was a good surprise considering the horrible winter weather, icy roads and airports having difficulty getting planes in or out due to ice. I opened the box from LA Wings containing the Condor HHR Pouches, removed them from their plastic shipping bags, and opened the pouches to put the radios in them. Although they were a little tight at first, the radios quickly slipped into place and the top flap closed securely over the top of the radios, between the on-off-volume switch and the antenna. 
I used this on my Midland GXT1050 radios. The radio is a perfect fit but the velcro strap is a little too short, it was barely long enough to make contact with the velcro. I was concerned because even the slightest contact when moving through the brush would cause the velcro to let go. I looked on-line and larger pouches were substantially more expensive. So instead I cut the top strap down the middle and sewed on some paracord to extend it. Now it fits perfectly. Please let me be clear that the pouch was not the issue, this was a modification I made to make the pouch fit a radio that was a little larger than it was designed for.
I have by UV-5R and fits great. When using it with a mic it a bit of a tight fit but still manages. Great product. I love condor products I have used them in combat and they have survived.



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