Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Crownover Tactical ECHELON Gloves Review

Crownover Tactical ECHELON Gloves, Adjustable Full-finger and Half-Finger Hard Knuckle Protection Military Shooting Outdoor Cycling Hunting Riding Airsoft Gloves

+ Microfiber+ Durable straps on the wrist and back of hand allow for a secure, perfect fit+ Ideal for any outdoor activity: cycling, riding, shooting, airsoft, hunting+ Reinforced stitching and knuckle protection+ Microfiber palms, nylon & spandex on back for comfort

User Reviews
For what I paid, I have no complaints. The knuckles are pretty hard, but don't expect to be able to punch a brick wall with these gloves and not break your hand. But they do feel like they can protect my knuckles for when I work on my car. Thay also fit nice and snug.I would recommend that you order one size bigger than you would normally wear for gloves. But I like the snug fit.

A little tight. I use them while riding my motorcycle to protect against road debris and rocks kicked up by vehicles in front of me.

Fantastic for the purpose I bought them for. I did a 2 day gun defense, active shooter and abduction seminar. Theses helped to keep my hands protected when grabbing weapons. The knuckle protectors helped when I need to throw blows. I would recommend for shooting.
Exactly what I wanted, paid for, and received! Snug fit, I can pick up a dime off of the counter. Comfortable and lightweight. Only one drawback which I did not give them a hit on, if you operate in wet environments, don't leave them on after getting wet for more than an hour or so. They WILL start to stink and it is super-bad for your hands anyway. On a call where it began to rain and I was in position longer than expected and exposed to rain. Hands started to shrivel and hurt.... gloves started to stink from sweat and rain and heat, so I took them off and put on a dry pair and put hand warmers in the wet pair and stuffed them in my bag. They dried quickly and the odor went away. I have washed them a couple of times now... just don't put them in the dryer! I have a glove-stretcher which I use after I wash them... works great.


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