Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Romand Defender Aircraft Aluminum Tactical Pen

So your looking for the great tactical pen for writing ever day and using as a tool for action or defense, hopefully never but maybe one day.

We all know that good preparation is never wasted and those who are not prepare are those who are playing with fire.

The Romand Defender Tactical Pen bring not only great features for your ow protection but inner comfort in the knowledge that you are ready. 

  • Provide nice writing tools with high performance and bodyguard for emergency
  • Diamond thread design at the handle, excellent anti-skid ability
  • Effect tactical action, improve safety coefficient
  • The machine knurled barrel provide a secure grip for writing or in a self-defense situation
  • Ink cartridges are replaceable. Twist to open and close, writes in black ink

User Reviews:
This is a great accessory. It is nice to know you have something that could be used as self defense if needed. I've never needed it for that so I've used the pen function quite a bit. It is a bit heavy for a pen but it writes great.

If you think you might use a pen in self-defense or to break a glass window on a car in austere conditions. Before you spend big money on a expensive name brand... Buy this pen- works great and the price is awesome. If you grow board with it and file into the junk drawer, unlikely you will have buyers remorse due to the cost of purchase.

Since I have no plans to inflect damage to someone's forehead in the near future I would have to forget the tactical aspect and just say that this is a nice writing and handling pen that fails to hide the fact that it is bad a$$. Well worth the low price for a truly multi-function writing implement.

This is a much different pen than one I purchased previously from another seller. This is a bit more solid with more heft to it. The twist mechanism to use the pen is intuitive enough to allow access to the pen utility. For a firm grip, I love the rigids-n-grooves that enhances firmness. The glass breaking top has a sharper point and can serve multi-purpose including a strong defensive / offensive response to threats. The clip is a strong tight grip on your shirt pocket, might need extra fingers to ungrip it. This is very well engineered.

Buy this before you buy anything else similar that costs more. It writes okay, but I'm a pen snob. For anyone who just wants a chunky pen that may someday need to used in a non-pen sense, this fits the bill.



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