Friday, July 1, 2016

How to Buy High Quality Cheap Tactical Gear

I know. Tactical gear is hauntingly expensive, isn't it? You have to go deep into the ends of your pocket to pull out that final cent that you've been saving. As if being as expensive is not enough to make you want the gear more, almost every other person out there has it, except you. Then, as you are scrolling down on that "how to fashion your own tactical gear at home with almost zero cost" web page, you see what is not just valuable to you, it is gold-valuable -- that cheap tactical gear advertisement.

Getting tempted to purchase it does not make you any less human. We all love to save money (actually, not all of us, but you get the idea) and cutting down on purchasing costs is just the start. But before you click on that purchase button, there are a couple of questions that you as a buyer should ask yourself, to avoid disappointments later.
PictureNamePrice $$$

First Tactical Specialist Half-Day Backpack, OD Green


5.11 Tactical Men's Taclite Pro EDC Pants


Propper Men's Canvas Tactical Pant


Streamlight 88039 ProTac 2AAA Battery Powered Tactical Penlight


Tactical LED Flashlight Pen - Bright CREE Penlight


Tactical Pen, Compact LED Penlight


First Tactical Recoil Range Bag


Champion Mini Gorilla Range Bag (Pre-Filled)


HERSCHEL SUPPLY CO. Settlement Backpack - Limoges Crosshatch


First Tactical Crosshatch Sling Pack, Black


Uncle Mike's Reinforced Instructor's Belt


Voodoo Tactical 01-4277001097 Men's Nylon BDU Belt


It would be very hard to make some people believe that you can still get high quality tactical gear at a low price.

I know a couple of people (me included) who'd fight on and on against the saying "cheap is expensive". Whether you believe in the saying or not, no opinions supporting or against it shall be mentioned here: Instead, I will carefully guide you through a simple method you can use to stay away from cheap low quality gear.

To avoid disappointments and frustrations, you should ask yourself the following questions before clicking on 'buy'.

1. What are its specifications?
Say you are looking for a tactical vest. What are its features? What types of plates are used in it? Is it modular? How many guns and magazines can be held by it? What is its design? How customizable is it?

I love giving examples, so let me apologize in advance for it. 
Let's take an example of an expensive tactical vest, the 5.11 Tactical VTAC LBE Tactical Vest. It has the best version of the MOLLE system and allows the user to attach gear without discomfort while allowing as much movement as possible. It is ideal for both cold and warm weather conditions. It uses the YKK high quality zippers together with the double and triple stitching, making it very durable.

As seen above, the specifications scream out the word "High quality!", but right after screaming out "Expensive!" If you are looking for a slightly cheaper alternative, you should be ready to deal with quality that is not as good as that of the 5.11 Tactical VTAC LBE Tactical Vest, to avoid both being lied to about the specs, and disappointments.

2. Who designed it?
Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Versace, e.t.c, all have one thing in common; they are very expensive. What makes their price quadruple that of other shoes and clothes brands? 

Let us say you were scrolling on eBay, and then you came across a pair of must-have Prada shoes. Everything about them is top notch and matches your preferences; the color, design, material, and everything else, but the price is off. It is cheap. No, not cheap. Scrap that off, it is very cheap. Cheap to the extent that it feels like you are being given for free. Would you buy them? Of course not! You will immediately think that either they are as fake as the smile you used when your mother found you licking sugar and you had to pretend, or they is something wrong with them.

Same goes for the tactical gear. There is no way that you would purchase a Dave Thomas tactical gear product at ten dollars. For it to be cheap way below the original, something about it has to be off.

Cheap is good. But too cheap raises eyebrows.

3. On which site did you get it from?
Amazon, eBay, Craigslist...the list of credible sites which guarantee their clients good quality goods and services is endless. Why would you go to a bush site instead of a well known site to purchase cheap tactical gear? If you don't like using the popular sites because of one reason or another, why don't you go and try out the main websites for the tactical gear companies?

Where do you mostly expect to be robbed; standing under a street light at night, or in a dark alley? Just as you would expect to be attacked in a dark alley, so should you expect to either be conned, or to purchase cheap substandard tactical gear that will most definitely cause you problems later.

4. Would it hurt to purchase from a known dealer?
In some occasions, you might have done everything correctly: You have checked it's specifications correctly and you are sure that the price is right for the specs, you have looked into the designer of the tactical gear and you are sure that the price set for the designer is very correct, and you got it from a credible site -- but you still get cheated off your money and you purchase low quality tactical gear.

It might be the last straw that will bind the elephant and you might surrender to purchase any other cheap tactical gear, but it might also be a valuable lesson as to why you should not purchase them from just anyone.  

It is like a case with no evidence. You had waited for that day all week - the day when you will have your own tactical gear. To your disappointment, either the cheap gear did not work as promised, or it did not work at all. Who do you take your complaint to? Who do you go after? Craigslist? It just doesn't work that way.

It is the reason why you’d rather purchase your cheap gear from a known dealer preferably, one who deals exclusively with tactical gear. When you've done this, you know who to go to in case something has happened to your gear, and most probably, your gear has a warranty.

Your cheap gear neither has to be low quality nor substandardand your high quality gear does not have to be hauntingly expensive. Cheap gear can also be high quality, depending on the channel and methods used to acquire it.



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