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How to Choose the Best Tactical Backpack

It’s true you can carry any bag if you just want to go about enjoying naturehowever, if you are headed out where the rain beats down, the sun blazes and frostbite is a daily nuisance, you will need a tactical backpack to survive. This is a bag that will do more than just carry your stuff, as it is designed to prevent snags, reduce weight and keep everything within reach. Whether you are a policeman, a military personnel, or just someone who’s planning to embark on a long trip, a hike or an adventurein the wilderness, a tactical backpack is indeed a necessity for survival. 

PictureNamePrice $$$
SOG Ninja Daypack 22
Military Tactical Assault Pack Backpack Army Molle 60
Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack 38
Eyourlife Military Tactical Backpack Small Rucksacks 19
BX warehouse Outdoor Tactical Shoulder Backpack 16
Monkey Paks Tactical Military Backpack Bundle with 2.5L Hydration Water Bladder and 3 Molle Bags 60
G4Free Multipurpose Tactical BackPack Large 30
G4Free Multipurpose Tactical BackPack Large Camping Hiking Shoulder Pack 40L 30
Case Club Tactical 4-Pistol Backpack with Rainfly & Molle Straps 70
G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack 121
5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack, Storm 135

If you have been shopping for a tactical backpack, you have already established that there are endless options to choose from. How do you find the most ideal one for you? Well, here are the various aspects that you should take into consideration in order to choose the best tactical backpack for whatever expedition you are preparing for:

1. Comfort
While these types of bags are mainly built for heavy usage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they should not be comfortable. As a matter of fact, a backpack should be as comfortable to carry as it can be. 

The question is; how do you tell if a bag is going to be comfortable? The easiest way to establish this is to take a look at online reviews. You will find comments and responses from people who have already used the specific backpack that has caught your eye, and you will be informed of just how comfortable it is. 

Besides online reviews, you can ascertain whether the backpack you intend to purchase comes with features that promote comfort, such as hip padding, wide and padded shoulder straps, air channels, internal frame etc. The negative aspect is that more comfortable backpacks are normally expensive. It however makes perfect sense to spend more money for extra comfort. 

2. Capacity
The capacity or space available will greatly affect how much stuff or gear you will carry. You have take note of the number and shape of the compartments as they will determine what capacity your backpack has. Nevertheless, bigger isn’t always best when it comes to choosing the most ideal tactical backpack. The more capacity a backpack has, the heavier it will be when full. It is, therefore, important that you consider just how much volume you intend to carry, which will depend on the type of activity you will be engaged in and the duration of your trip.

3. Compartments
It’s also imperative that you consider the number, and size of compartments a backpack has. This will be determined by the type and number of personal items you need to carry. It is advisable that you go for a backpack that has multiple compartments of varying sizes. This will make it easier for you to arrange your items and access them quickly.

3. Material
Backpacks come in different materials and each material affects both strength and durability of a bag. It is good to note that each type of material has its advantages and its share of shortcomings, which makes them suitable for dissimilarfunctions. The most popular materials include:
• Canvas This is a highly durable material that is in almost every old-fashioned backpack. The downside with this material is that it is relatively heavy.
• Nylon – This is an incredibly strong material that makes for durable backpacks. Besides its durability, nylon is liked because it dries quickly.
• Rip-Stop Nylon – This material is made by weaving extra-large threads into conventional nylon. This makes it much stronger than nylon, thus an ideal choice for those who need sturdy backpacks.
• Polyester  The biggest advantage with this material is that it is more UV resistant compared to nylon. Its downside has to do with its inability to dry fast and the fact that it isn’t as strong as nylon.

4. Loading Design
Backpacks are either top or front loading, the most common ones being the front loaders. The reason why front loaders are mostly preferred is because they allow for easy access to items packed in the backpack. Top loaders, on the other hand, are mostly preferred for long trips. They come with fewer compartments and are normally light in weight. The downside with top loaders is that they make it more difficult for you to organize your items.

5. Budget
This is probably the biggest factor of consideration. The amount of money you are willing to spend on a backpack will ultimately determine the kind of bag you will end up purchasing. The price of a backpack will depend on a few factors, including the type of material, the size of the backpack and additional features the backpack might come with.
Different brands come in different prices, thus advisable for you to compare a number of backpacks to find the one that is within your budget. The bottom line is getting a high-quality backpack that meets all your requirements even if it means spending more money. Buying the best backpack will save you money in the long run.

Other Aspects to Consider
Color of the Backpack
If you are taking a trip, hiking or participating in other less discrete activities, then the color of your backpack will be a matter of personal preference.  However, if you are embarking on a military mission, then choosing a backpack that has a camouflage color scheme might be the most ideal. Good thing is that backpacks are available in a wide range of colors, making it easy for you to choose the one that you want.

Additional features
Some backpacks come with extra features that help in enhancing comfort and the usability of the bag. Some additional features include a foam back panel, rain hood and hydration systems. If you have enough money to spend, you can invest in a backpack that comes with additional features that suit your needs. 

When buying a backpack in 2016, it’s crucial that you consider comfort, capacity and durability above anything else. While each backpack has its share of strengths and weaknesses, it’s best to choose the one that matches your requirements, most especially if your budget can allow it.



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