Sunday, July 3, 2016

Review Matrix Iron Face Carbon Steel "Striker" Gen2 Metal Mesh Lower Half Mask

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If your looking for a great face mask for that extra protect this is the mask you want obtain a good goggle and you have a full face protection without loosing your ability to aim!

If this isn't quite right click below and also checkout the Gen2 this offers ear protection compare to the gen1, a bit bigger, but preferred for CQB situations over the Gen1.

This mask is amazing. Achieve full air ventilation while offering maximum protection for your lower face.

Both the Gen1 and Gen2 of the striker mask features "Maximum comfort!".


I was really surprised that these are as solid as they are, and that the straps aren't ready to pop off: they are riveted on and appear strong. The shape was great, especially because these cover the ears.

Bought this for my son. It's pretty big and looks awkward...but when he puts it on, it really protects almist his entire face well.
He says it's comfortable and works well in his air soft wars in combination with his goggles. Looks like an alien...but it works well!

I am very happy with this product, it looks good, it has a bit of a bumpy feel around the ears, the fitting can be adjusted, and I am very happy for having this piece, especially since the price is very affordable.

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