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9 Best Camping Tents for 2017

Summer and winter vacations are the time to be with the family. Going to the known places and staying at the hotel never give the feel of nature. To get close to nature now friends and families spend their time in the national parks and beaches. The biggest challenge with the national park and the beaches is the place to live. Many national parks provide the camping tents but most of the time they do not meet our requirements. This post will provide you the in-depth detail on how to choose the best camping tents that meets your requirement as well as provide you the best camping experience.

I also have a water filter guide for selecting and best water filter for your needs that will go well with your camping tent.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Tent
While choosing the best camping tents you need to consider the following

1. Purpose: 
It is important to understand the purpose of buying a tent. Following questions will help you choose the best tent.

What is the main purpose of buying a camping tent? Are you buying a tent for the hobby and going to use it in the backyard or are you buying it for the children to use it inside the home? If this is the case, you can go with any basic tent.

If you are planning to use it for the camping, then it needs to be chosen wisely based on the following details. 

·         Season to use the tent:
Mostly people love to go for camping either in late winter or early summer. For this seasons it is important to choose a tent with the proper airflow as well as it should hold heat inside the tent. If the tent has too much ventilations it may end up freezing you.

·         Usage:
If you are planning to use a tent in travelling, then it should be lightweight as well as it should be easy to setup. Tent should be able to setup with only one person easily.

·         Frequency of using the tent:
How frequently are you going to use the tent? If you are going to use it multiple times a year, you should go with the higher end and durable tent. If you are going to use it only once ever in a year, you should go with the less expensive such as mid-range low camping tent as it would be highly recommended for you.

2. Sleeping Capacity
How many people are going to use the tent? Most available tents display the capacity of the people that can accommodate in the tent without any issues. If you are looking for the tent to use during the vacation with children it is advised to use the tent with more space so that they can play inside the tent if the weather is cold outside.

3. Height
It is also important to consider the height of the tent properly so that you can easily come in and out of the tent. There are mainly two types of tents available in the market. The cabin style and the dome style. Cabin style tents give you more standing space while as the dome style tents have more height at the center of the tent only. 

4. Construction
Construction and deconstruction of the tent should be easy. Choosing the folding rods tent is the best choice if you are planning to travel with the tent. It will not only require the less storage space also easy to construct and deconstruct.

5. Material
Tents are available in the different type of the materials, however, it is recommended to use the nylon and the polyester tents as they give higher durability and the strength. It is also easy to clean and is not bulky.

I also have a fire starter guide for selecting and best fire starter that will go well with your tent.

Tent Comparison Table
9 Top Best Camping Tents for 2017:
To help shortlist your tent shopping we have developed a list of the 10 top best camping tents for 2017 for every size tent you could need.

For the big family, Coleman 8-person tent is the best choice. It can be considered as the best family camping tent with the measurements 17 X 10 feet and 72-inch center height.

The tent comes with the room dividers that allows you to create three separate rooms for the privacy. The tent comes with the Weathertec System that prevents tents from getting wet from any unexpected weather change. The tent comes with the easy manual for the setup. The tent has the proper ventilation system for the air flow.

Coleman 2000018295 8-Person Instant Tent is one of the most spacious tents in its category. It is made from the 150D polyester material providing 50% more strength and durability. If we talk about the interior and space, it can contain 2 queen size air-beds. Further the large screened windows and the doors that keep the bugs out and you can enjoy the nature. The tent has two doors and seven windows with full ventilation. It also gives you the ability to remove the partition if you need larger space.

From the measurement perspective, the tent is 14 by 10 feet; center height of 6 feet 5 inches; Weight: 36.3 lbs and comes with one-year warranty. The tent has thick waterproof walls that prevent tent from getting wet in the case of sudden weather change

The Coleman Sundome 4, 9'x7' is a dome tent that can accommodate four people. This tent comes with an Electric access point for the mobile charging or the lightning. The tent comes with the 59-inch center height. Tent comes with the quick setup guide and can be assembled in 15 minutes or less. The tent flooring is made from 1000D polyethylene that keeps the tent dry. The tent comes with the carry bag for the easy carry.

The Coleman Sundome is one of the advanced tents that comes with the ground ventilation along with the large windows. This allows the air to move out and circulate easily. The tent allows four people to set up four queen size airbed easily.  The tent comes with one-year warranty.

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent is one of the best cabin type tent allowing eight people to stay comfortably in the tent. The tent is made from the imported polyester material with better durability and water resistance. The tent design allows the tent to prevent the rainwater from coming in even if the windows are open.   

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent is the best choice for the best family camping tent. The tent comes with the electrical access point allowing to charge mobiles or laptops. The door design gives protection from rain and the sun. The rainfly is easy to detect for more sunlight.

The tent comes with one year limited warranty and separate carry bag for the poles and stakes. The tent poles are color coded making it easy to assemble. The tent comes with 6ft 2-inch center height.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is the dome type family tent that can accommodate six to eight people easily. The tent is made from the weatherproof polyester with polyurethane coating. The tent comes with the full mesh root option with double stacked power corners to give the highest level of stability to the tent. The tent comes with the screen area function as the sun room and second room as the sleeping room. The tent comes with the measures 16 x 6.5 x 11 feet (W x H x D) with weighs 27.3 pounds. The tent is easy to setup and can be assembled in 15 minutes.

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent is dome style tent made from polyester taffeta 75D and can accommodate up to six people or two queen airbeds comfortably. 

The tent material keeps it dry and prevents it from getting wet on the weather change. It's fully screened front porch keeps the bugs out of the tent. The tent has four large windows that give the best ventilation. The tent dimensions are the footprint of 14 by 10 feet with a 68-inch center height. The tent is easy to assemble and disassemble.

If you are looking for the best tent for two people then Sundome Two Person Tent is the best choice. Made from imported Polyester taffeta 75 denier flysheet with the dome structure. The tent is light weight and is easy to setup. The tent comes with one door and with the dimension 7'X5'x48". Tent's center height is 48 inch and comes with the electric accessibility port for the mobile or laptop charging. The tent's hooded design provides the better ventilation for even during the rain.

Sundome Three-Person Tent is the best choice for the small families. This tent can accommodate three people comfortably. The tent comes with 33% more water resistance as compared with the other standard Coleman tents. The tent has two windows for the better ventilation and better view. Both windows and doors are screened so it can prevent the bugs from coming in. The tent has extra weather protection and it helps the tent from the getting wet during the rain. The tent dimensions are 7 x 7 ft. Foot print, 4 ft. 4 in. Center height. The tent comes with One-Year limited warranty.

Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent is the best tent choice for up to six people. The tent is made from polyester. The tent provides two rooms that can accommodate six people comfortably. The tent comes in the size of 17-by-nine (W x D) footprint and 6 ft. 10 in. center height. The tent comes without floor providing extra ventilation during the warm days. The Proprietary WeatherTec System can guarantee the dry and comfort in all weathers. The tent us made from 75-denier polyester taffeta fly, 68-denier polyester mesh inner tent and 1,000-denier polyethene floor. The tent comes with 11-millimeter fiberglass poles. Tent includes limited one-year manufacturer's warranty.

If you have a group of ten people then Coleman WeatherMaster ten Person Hinged Door Tent is the best choice. Made from Polyester taffeta 75D 450mm PU coating provides the best weather protection as well as the better durability. The tent comes with patented hinged door for quick access in or out and prevents the bugs from coming into the tent. Rainfly provides the better weather protection and mesh roof for more sunlight. 

The tent comes with the diameter of 17 x 9 ft. that can fit ten people or three queen airbeds. The tent comes with the easy setup guide with the colour coded poles and sleeves. The tent has 6 ft. 8 in. the center height that gives plenty of room to stand and move. The tent comes with one-year limited warranty.

Final Verdict:

Spending time with nature is the best thing that we can do. If we stay in the hotel we cannot really get the beauty of nature. To get the best out of it, we need to come out and stay with the thing that environment. With the family outing at the beach or at the national park we need a tent. This post gave you the high-level details about the best camping tents available in the year of 2017. These details will not only provide you with the tent details but also guide you choosing the best tent.

Make sure to choose a tent that can provide you with the best living experience. Chose the tent that can accommodate all the people in your group and family. If you are planning to use the tent for multiple times in a year in multiple seasons it is advised to buy a tent that gives higher weather protection. Tents must be able to provide the best ventilation so the airflow is maintained throughout your stay. It is also important to make sure that tent design is better enough to protect you against heavy wind and the rain. The tents should provide the better protection against the sunlight. Having a power socket will also help to charge mobile devices or your camera during your stay with nature. Apart from all other points, it is required to buy a tent that can be easily assembled and disassembled.



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