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Find The Best Toolbox?

If your hobby is messing around with materials in your garage, or if you are a professional and make a living out of mechanics or building, you’ve probably wondered if there is an upgrade for your toolbox.

Sure, there are upgrades for your drill, hammer, wrench, etc. But chances are that you still carry all of those things around in an old toolbox.

Luckily for you, in this article we answer the questions you are probably wondering right now: “Is there such thing as a “premium” toolbox?” “What benefits does it offer me?” “Is it more expensive than my budget?” “How should the best toolbox be like?

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In this article we put together an elaborate insight which is based on product reviews, brand reliability, cost-benefit relation and other factors most people consider important. So let’s crack on with the analysis.

Arguably the most important thing to consider is durability, it doesn’t matter if your toolbox is really comfortable and nice looking, but if it doesn’t last, then you shouldn’t really consider it as an investment to be done.

For example: A new emerging brand on the market offers a tech-savvy tool box, which has an alarm, and time administration features, etc. It has a very sleek, aluminum finished design and that kind of stuff. (There are toolboxes like that.) But when you take it out to work, it begins deteriorating fast, and quickly breaks after some weeks of use.

You should definitely look out on the material the boxes use, hardened plastic is good for garage tinkerers, but maybe if you are a pro mechanic, you should look out for a steel reinforced box, that can withstand the pace of your work.

A good toolbox should last for as long as your premium tools do. An investment on a durable toolbox is very much worth it. Especially if you use it everyday as a part of your work, it is like buying a good briefcase for the important business man.

So to sum it up, a vital trait the best toolbox should have is sturdiness and reliability. Be sure to check customer reviews on Amazon and similar sites to see what other people experienced with the product. Don’t go with the first impressions either. Research with friends or contacts that have use the brand of the toolbox you are considering to buy, and see how long the toolbox has lasted for them.

Another factor, that is important to the majority of people is the cost of their toolbox.
Maybe a certain company offers a really good toolbox, but maybe the brand that sells it is very fancy and it goes up to a ridiculous price.

There is no such thing as a “perfect and cheap tool box”, this is due to the judgement on how good an option is depends on the customer. But you should definitely compare the cost with all of the other factors presented here in order to make a decision.

In a market that has no clear leaders, and has new emerging companies every month, you always have an option when looking for a product like a toolbox, so stay true to your budget, and keep searching for the best option.

Costs for regular tool-boxes are around the $50 USD mark at your regular retailer.
If you are looking for a more serious investment, the best tool boxes go around the $200-$500 mark. Any higher than that cost is probably not worth it, unless it is a very special product and offers some sort of guarantee or benefit.

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If you are already doing hard work as a mechanic, builder, etc. Your tools AND Toolbox should be ready to cut some slack for you. Maybe you don’t have the money for a super fancy handle, but an ergonomic shape and a soft finishing with some sort of sponge of cushion could work.

When working, you should always be able to get the tools you need quickly. So the toolbox you have not only needs to be reliable, but it has to have a very logical arrangement, and it should have easy access to its contents at all times.

Maybe a rearrangement feature would be good to some people, specially if they have a peculiar way of reaching for their tools or if they have become accustomed to a previous toolbox arrangement, there are some brands which offer that sort of addition into their toolboxes, make sure to check Amazon or your local retailer for them.

What should your toolbox have space for?

Obviously, your toolbox should be bought according to the level of craftsmanship you are in. If you are just building some shelves for your family, you shouldn’t go for a huge box that can contain a lot of tools. But if you are someone who needs his multiple tools protected and accessible at all times, you should buy a bigger tool box to satisfy that need.

The basic tools your box should have space for are:

Screwdrivers are a must-have, even for people who are not building adepts. They should not take too much space in your box, specially if you buy them in a kit, where they usually come in a flat, convenient container. Your regular toolbox usually has a space dedicated to that screwdriver kit, which is normally found at the bottom, protected by a solid layer above, so the more delicate screwdrivers don’t get squashed by your other tools.

A hammer is also a vital thing to have at the regular household, and it is even more important when you are an experienced tinkerer. Your basic hammer should have two different sides, one with which you may take out any bent nails, whereas the other end is used for sticking nails in said materials.

Your toolbox should have some sort of easier-to-reach spot to put your basic hammer in, because it is a very common tool to use, and it after a day of work you probably use it at least twice.

A wrench is very similar to the hammer, in the sense that if you are a regular garage worker, you will probably use it everyday.

And just like the hammer, your toolbox should have an easy access to it. It is not that common to find more than one or two “quick access compartments” for common gadgets, but it is definitely a big plus if you find it in the toolbox you are planning to buy.

The drill is another vital tool when working or doing pretty much any repairs or small builds for the house. Not to mention when crafting furniture or stuff of that nature.

A corded drill is the more basic kind, which you should have if you are buying a small and not regular-use toolbox. A wireless drill is way more expensive because of the batteries and regular replacements, but it is more comfortable to work with, and it is a must if you have a big workshop, and you have no extensions available to you.

Your toolbox should have a compartment not for the drill, but for the drill-ends that can be inserted and replaced onto the drill.

Best toolboxes in the market:

One of the best middle-end priced toolboxes on the market is the

Worth around the $100 USD mark, plus shipping.

It is not only a toolbox, but it is a sort of cart where you can carry your bigger machinery like a chainsaw or such. The price is very reasonable for an item like this.
The product features of this toolbox are:

26.6 Pounds weight.
Notice that this tool box has wheels, so the only situation where you would need to carry it without the wheels is when you are getting it into your van or transportation method. Nevertheless, 26.6 pounds is a very good weight, considering the toolbox isn’t only a toolbox, as it offers drawers.

Organization Sub-Compartments included.
It is very important to have your tools ordered and ready for you to use. As the sub-compartments are already marked out for you in this toolbox, then you don’t need to establish them yourself, which can definitely help you maintain order on the long-run.

Stable Wheels.
Don’t be fooled by the versatile appearance of the bottom of this contraption. Customers say that it has withstanded 4+ hours of bumpy roads in the back of a minivan, and that the rest of the toolbox takes constant abuse with no problem as well.

DeWalt has not stated that this toolbox is 100%, and being a mid-tier toolbox with a lot of extra features, you would expect it. However, according to Amazon customers, the toolbox can be under the rain for a while and only gather some humidity sometimes. This doesn’t mean that you should leave the toolbox to the mercy of the elements, but it can surely withstand some punishment if you leave it outside accidentally.

Industrial Plastic.
The toolbox is crafted with some regular industrial plastic, mainly to reduce weight on the wheels, but as said, customers have stated it to be pretty durable, and the DeWalt brand is known for quality, so you shouldn’t worry about the durability too much.

To sum it up, this toolbox is the best bet when looking for a mid tier tool organization box. It has well-rounded features, and some extras you won’t find with similarly priced products. The product rating is 4.8 in Amazon, so you can be sure the product you will get is very solid and consistent.

Among the best high-tier toolboxes is the:

Worth around the $200 USD mark, plus shipping.

This is a heavy-duty toolbox, designed for the professionals and the serious about building and crafting. The toolbox is a high-end one, equal to many others with a way higher price range.

This is like your investment on a wool coat or your investment on a good pair of italian leather shoes. Pricey, but absolutely worth it, plus. It lasts what should be a lifetime.

The product features include:

High-impact Resin Integration:
The material this toolbox uses is absolutely premium. Backed by customers, this toolbox will withstand hours of constant punishment in a work area. The toolbox is designed to last for a very long time.

Waterproof and Dustproof:
The protection this toolbox offers will be equivalent to sealing them back in their original air-tight package. 

The company states that this product is waterproof and dustproof, which will avoid oxidation of your steel tools, and will protect your electronic devices from messing up from water.

Wheeled setup:
This is a tool station, not just a box. It is shaped like a traveling case, and works like it. Thanks to simple machines, the handle helps leverage the weight of the whole thing loaded up.

It is needless to say that with 3 drawers, you will end up with extra space after storing half of your garage in it, and you make it portable and accessible at all times, which gives this thing a good advantage over the rest of the market.

This toolbox is a serious thing to have. You should treat it like so. Even if it is built for durability, you must take care of it like it wasn’t, because you want it to last for a very long time. Nevertheless maintenance shouldn’t be much of a problem, because of its high protection against the elements. This toolbox is truly a masterpiece.

At the end of the day, it is your decision to determine which is the best toolbox for you. To do so, be sure to consider every factor and to revise every aspect of your potential options before making the final call.



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