Thursday, December 1, 2016

DeWalt Rolling Mobile Work Center

One of the best middle-end priced toolboxes on the market is the

Worth around the $100 USD mark, plus shipping.

It is not only a toolbox, but it is a sort of cart where you can carry your bigger machinery like a chainsaw or such. The price is very reasonable for an item like this.
The product features of this toolbox are:

26.6 Pounds weight.
Notice that this tool box has wheels, so the only situation where you would need to carry it without the wheels is when you are getting it into your van or transportation method. Nevertheless, 26.6 pounds is a very good weight, considering the toolbox isn’t only a toolbox, as it offers drawers.

Organization Sub-Compartments included.
It is very important to have your tools ordered and ready for you to use. As the sub-compartments are already marked out for you in this toolbox, then you don’t need to establish them yourself, which can definitely help you maintain order on the long-run.

Stable Wheels.
Don’t be fooled by the versatile appearance of the bottom of this contraption. Customers say that it has withstanded 4+ hours of bumpy roads in the back of a minivan, and that the rest of the toolbox takes constant abuse with no problem as well.

DeWalt has not stated that this toolbox is 100%, and being a mid-tier toolbox with a lot of extra features, you would expect it. However, according to Amazon customers, the toolbox can be under the rain for a while and only gather some humidity sometimes. This doesn’t mean that you should leave the toolbox to the mercy of the elements, but it can surely withstand some punishment if you leave it outside accidentally.

Industrial Plastic.
The toolbox is crafted with some regular industrial plastic, mainly to reduce weight on the wheels, but as said, customers have stated it to be pretty durable, and the DeWalt brand is known for quality, so you shouldn’t worry about the durability too much.

To sum it up, this toolbox is the best bet when looking for a mid tier tool organization box. It has well-rounded features, and some extras you won’t find with similarly priced products. The product rating is 4.8 in Amazon, so you can be sure the product you will get is very solid and consistent.



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