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Best Walking Shoes For Men

Every man wants the top rated walking shoes for men that fit perfectly, but finding the ideal pair is not a piece of cake.

We spend most of the time wearing a pair of shoes. Although, we are walking or working or sitting, we deserve a high-quality footwear. We must find the best pair of walking shoes or trainers; that complements our activities and requirements.
When we are talking about walking footwear, then you must get a lighter, supportive and comfortable pair. Your shoes must not create issues blisters or rashes or profuse sweating.

As mentioned in a start, finding the best walking shoes for men is not easy. The problem becomes complicated when you have to pick from hundreds of choices. For your convenience, we devised this comprehensive guide of the top rated walking shoes for men. Here, we will learn how to find the ideal pair. We will also share reviews for top rated shoes from top brands. So, next time, you can get the best value for your money.

Why Do Men Need Walking Shoes?

It is a very absurd question, but we have to be specific in our needs before buying a pair of walking shoes for men. The  top rated walking shoes for men are rated highly because they understand that not all shoes are used the same.

When looking for the best walking shoes for you it is best to ask yourself these questions:
Do you need walking shoes for the power walk to burn off some calories?
Will you be in walking shoes for longer hours?
Do you need shoes for hiking?
Do you need shoes for casual walk or evening stroll?
On what surface will you walk?

Most people ignore doing the homework before making the purchase. And that's why they end up with the wrong pair. Different people different needs! You may want sporty or casual sneakers, either way; the comfort should be the primary concern. No clue about walking shoes, or vintage hiking boots don't worry. In upcoming sections, we will try to discuss everything you need to find the best pair on the market.

Pronation Type

The way we walk is termed as pronation type. When we walk, our foot rolls in the unique and specific way. So, before you choose any shoes, you must have an idea about your pronation type. The good news is, walking shoes are available for each type of pronation.

Finding out your pronation type is not a rocket science. You can simply know if by doing the gait analysis, or by taking our simple 60 second at home pronation type test.

Length Of The Shoe

Your regular shoe size is perfect for a walking footwear. In the case of running shoes, you must pick the footwear with slightly longer length, as foot needs to move under increased impact. But this is not the case with walking or hiking footwear, as normal shoe size will do the job.

Check your shoe size on our shoe size guide

Width Of The Shoe

Most of the look for length only while buying the shoes. But we should understand that width of the shoe is as crucial as the length. It is not essential that we all have perfectly proportionate feet. We can have wider or narrower feet. So, when you look for footwear, please keep the width of your foot in mind! You must not overlook this! Otherwise, the shoe will do nothing except the reason for pain.

Your Weight

Please don't feel offensive, we are discussing this step for your comfort. Generally, for an overweight person, a shoe with maximum support is required. More weight means, more pressure on ankles and legs. So, to support them, a shoe with the supportive heel and padded footbed will be great.


In most cases, people wear thin sports socks. No doubt it is the best choice. But in winter, we have to wear thicker and woven socks. If we wear them in already tight shoes, the situation can become unbearably tighter. So, next time beware of this step.

Best Walking Shoes For Men Reviews

By now, you must have learned how to choose the best walking shoes. We explained everything you need to find the right pair.

For your quick understanding, in next section, we will review top rated walking shoes for men from most popular brands. Of course, such shoes come in varieties of sizes and colors. Good news is that one can have the best pair according to needs.

Top Rated Brands For Walking Shoes For Men
Although, we will talk about most popular pairs in the market. It is not necessary that you would like them. So, let's see, which are the top brands you must check for getting walking shoes.

We recommend following:
New Balance

All brands differ when it comes to features and specialties. But one thing is clear, each one of them tends to come up with high-quality shoes.

Now let's get down to real business. Next, we are sharing most popular footwears specially designed for walking. We are confident about one thing, no matter which pair you choose, you will end up with the best quality, comfort, and support available in the market.

Skechers Men's Go Walk 3-LT

Without any doubt, Go Walk 3-LT is the most comfortable footwear for walking ever made! As soon you step in before you feel them, you would be out the door.

The most highlighted feature is the use of Goga Mat technology. This one enhances the bouncing and cushioning with each step you take. Don't forget; the same technology is used to produce yoga mats. Now you get it, why it is so supportive.

You are ensured with the total comfort with Go Walk 3-LT. This has been possible with a combo or leathertex synthetic upper and resalyte dual midsole.

Key Features
Natural leather outlook thanks to leathertex upper
Energy return insole
Goga Mat technology for extra rebound and premium cushioning
Soft and fabricated lining for utmost comfort
Perfect for power and athletic walking

In short, great value for your investment! Read the user review

Skechers Men's Go Walk 3 Attain Slip Shoe

Nothing is more dangerous than slipping while walking. Good news is, we have another unit from Skechers that features a new level of comfort and security! We are talking about Go Walk 3 Attain Slip on Shoe.

It is a perfect hybrid of style and athletic performance.

Unlike traditional shoes, it comes with an ortholite antimicrobial lining. This sock lining controls and minimizes foot odors.

Skechers is known for making the high quality slip on shoes. It means, no need to do hassle of tying laces. Simply slide into Go Walk 3. Don't compare them with slippers. They won't fall from your feet unless you take your feet out! Isn't cool.

Every Go Walk Pair features Goga technology for making insoles. This combo comes with Resalyte padding for extra bounce and support. Don't forget; Goga technology is the key component of yoga mats.

You will find the Goga pillars in the insole. With each step you take, you will enjoy cushioning thanks to these micropillars. Not to mention, the heel is composed of high-quality memory foam. The heel support and resalyte dual midsole bring a new level of comfort.

Now, you must be thinking, too many technical terminologies to learn. But the fact is, we are explaining everything that works with Go Walk 3! For instance, inside the shoe, GOImpulse and Go Pillar microcomponents make the footwear extremely flexible and responsive for the perfect fit.

Key Features:
High performance slip on shoes
Goga Insole for maximum comfortable
Goga pillars, resalyte padding and memory foam heel for cushioning
Responsive and flexible
Antimicrobial sock liner to avoid foot odor

Read reviews and see the 4.5 start rating on amazon

Skechers Men's Go Walk 2 Flash

No doubt, colors, and styles always grab the attention! In this regard, Skechers is standing on top with Go Walk 2 Flash.

To be honest, people fall for this unit for its comfort level. We should applaud Skechers designers for paying attention to little details that make the walking experience awesome. And this has been possible with the use of multiple technologies! Let's start then.

Resalyte Midsole is the leading specialty about Go Walk 2 Flash. This specialized midsole is designed to bear the maximum impact; that other shoes cannot handle. Talking about resalyte, this material looks like foam and ensures optimum cushioning while walking.

Goga Mat insole in another pro feature of Flash. As mentioned many times, the same technology is used while creating yoga mats. If you found those mats comfortable, you will love wearing this footwear too.

If you look closely, you will find the layer of Goga pillars and GoImpulse traction sensors in the bottom. Now, again I am using technical lingo. This unique combo is the main reason why you experience great traction and bounce with this footwear.

Good news for fashionistas, this unit comes in varieties of colors. You can choose from charcoal/black, black/blue, navy/black, white/navy, white/gray, blue.lime and black/gray.

Key Features
A walking shoe with athletic performance
Goga Mat insole for comfortable experience
Resalyte midsole for maximum cushioning
Goga pillars and GoImpulse sensors provide traction & bounce
Available in different color ranges

Read user reviews and rating online

New Balance Men's MW928

If you are planning to get something comfortable but decked with advanced features, please check out New Balance Men's MW928.

New Balance has been using multiple technologies to attain a competitive level of comfort. For instance, they use E-NERGY system along with Rollbar to provide optimum stability.

To bring the new level of traction and cushioning, this footwear features ABZORB midfoot cushioning and Strike Path outsole. Crazy names but awesome features.

Luckily, it is available in four colors of brown, white, gray and black.
The final verdict is, this shoe has the athletic and sporty outlook that may be a concern for you. It won't affect your performance. It is about the preferences you make! That's it.

Key Features
Athletic and sporty outlook
E-NERGY system and Rollar technology for stability
Strike Path outsole for traction
ABZORB midfoot cushioning for comfort
Available in multiple colors

Comfort, style, and performance! Possible with MW928 read what wearers have to say.

Mohem Men's Poseidon Mesh Casual Water Shoes

If you are into outdoor activities, Mohem Poseidon Casual Water Shoe is made for you! Whether you decide to go fishing or hiking, this might be the perfect companion.

First of all, being a water shoe, this unit is highly comfortable. You can try them on bare feet too, and you will feel utmost comfort. This is the rare thing to experience with water shoes. And the best part, as soon they dry off, it's time to move on the dry surface. Maybe for getting french fries or ice cream on a beach! No need to change the shoe.

Of course, they are water resistant; that's why can be used in water. After coming from the wet or muddy surface, you can quickly clean then. As they are water resistant.

Another key feature is being super light! It sounds hilarious, but you might think the package is empty because they are that light.

It features a unique mesh upper for maximum breathability.

This unit is available in multiple funky options. You can choose from dark blue, green, gray, brown, yellow and light brown.

Key Features
Water shoes
Mesh technology for breathability
Water resistant
Easy to clean
Comes in funky colors

Perfect for the outdoors guy! Read user 4 star reviews

Summing Up!

Hopefully, you enjoyed our comprehensive guide on the best walking shoes for men. As stated at the start, getting a right pair is not a piece of cake. One should do homework before going to the market. One more thing, something looks good may not be comfortable. We spend most of the day walking in shoes, so you can't make the decision impulsively. You have to sit down, point out the preferences and then choose the best pair. That's why we came up with buying guide in the first place. We even mentioned the top brands with walking shoes. So, you can get the favourite pair!



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